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One of the most prestigious events in the Czech Republic is open again. Fashion against the mainstream cannot stand by any longer!

MBPFW opens: Verešová becomes a star from a different galaxy in a model by Balmain

Martina Šmalclová
23.Mar 2019
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4 minutes
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Andrea Verešová

One of them hot, and the other...

Who put themselves in the hands of stylists, and who simply hastily opened their closet at home? You'll be amazed by what some famous people turned up in at the opening of Mercedes-Benz Prague Fashion Week! Among the people who couldn't miss the opening ceremony were Andrea Verešová, Jitka Schneiderová, Aneta Vignerová, Jitka Nováčková, Terezie Kovalová, Renata Langmannová, Hana Vagnerová and designers such as Osmany Laffita or Lukáš Macháček.

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Martina Šmalclová
fashion editor
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Ornella Koktová
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Názor PROTI PROUDU: Martina Šmalclová

Andrea Verešová: Beauty from outer space

Andrea Verešová was definitely the brightest shining star to appear at MBPFW. We already know from other World Fashion Weeks that metallic colors are a big hit, and Andrea definitely knows too. The silver jumpsuit by Balmain is very chic. Paired with extravagant glasses it appears flimsy though, and the famous model seems like a visitor from a different planet.

Silver followed by golden Schneiderová

All that glitters is not gold. This is what we think of when looking at actress Jitka Schneiderová. A dress from the Space Praga boutique looks lovely combined with a luxurious Bulgari purse. What doesn't go well with the outfit, though, are the black strap sandals, which clash with the rest of it. Had Jitka chosen different footwear, she'd would have gotten full marks!

Prodej luxusního bytu 5+kk Praha 7 - Bubeneč
Prodej luxusního bytu 5+kk Praha 7 - Bubeneč, Praha 7

Vignerová and Nováčková in spring colors

We are particularly delighted by the models in which this pair of Czech models showed up. Aneta Vignerová's wardrobe usually defies tired classics, and that's great. In a light green model by COS she looks great and slightly provocative.

The cheerful blonde Jitka Nováčková put on a delicate pink model by the designer Vanda Janda, which reminded us that spring is here! This luxurious piece is atypical as well, and combined with shoes by Stuart Weizman it really hits the bull's eye.

Terezie Kovalová: A tribute to Karl Lagerfeld

The violoncellist and occasional model Terezie Kovalová decided to pay tribute to the deceased designer Karl Lagerfeld. She turned up dressed in his luxurious pieces from head to toe. That is not a problem though. The combination of black and red is very chic, and on top of that we are delighted by the choice of a black maxi dress - this piece we really wouldn't mind having in our wardrobe.

Laffita vs. Macháček: A battle of two designers

Looking at these two men working in the same field we couldn't help but compare. Which one of them looks better? Osmany in a denim jumpsuit, or Lukáš in a black and white classic? Both of them look great! We'd just get rid of the gold applications on Osmany's collar, and change Lukáš's pants; those will probably never win us over...

Langmannová and Vagnerová didn't overthink it too much

Neither great nor awful. That's the impression we get from the outfit of Renata Langmannová, who turned up at MBPFW in a black mini dress and a nude trenchcoat. There's nothing wrong here, it's just missing a little bit of a spark.

Hana Vagnerová has earned the title of "Worst outfit of the night" from us this time. A yellow purse, black bell bottoms and a grey T-shirt with a print looks like Hana's on a quick run to a convenience store at the street corner for something to eat. When we know from the past that this beauty can dress well!

Martina Šmalclová

Názor PROTI PROUDU: Ornella Koktová

The long wait is over yet again, a huge fashion holiday in Prague started off in full throttle. The most eager people gathered at the "entrée" event, and so it is time for our first harsh judgment!

Andrea Verešová - Time traveler

Right at the start I have to say that Andrea is really a beautiful woman that can afford to wear almost any dress with her figure. However, her disco choice in the form of a Balmain jumpsuit doesn't look good to me. Yes, a jumpsuit in and of itself is fine, but I feel like Andrea's take on it is really pushing being "trendy" at all cost, to be in, forever young... The sunglasses are top notch, but the metallic platform pumps by Olivier Rousteing I'd just throw outta the window. In conclusion, I'm more interested in the girl in the background in those gorgeous glittery shoes.

Outfit: 70 % Make-up and hair: 88 %

Jitka Schneiderová - Golden aluminum foil

Jitka looked really lovely. It's clear that she took advice from professionals and went for a safe bet. A trendy coat resembling aluminium foil with its material is perfectly okay. As you can see, the 80's trends have made their way across the globe to us too. The black strap pumps are nice to see, and the Serpenti Forever bag by Bulgari for 93,439 CZK is exactly the kind of luxury a lady should treat herself to... Beautiful.

Outfit: 78 % Make-up and hair: 69 %

Jitka Nováčková - Forgotten garters

Sweet and pink Jitka was really doing it for me. Her outfit I'd consider one of the most well executed. As you can see, going for novel designers' names, such as Vanda Janda, pays off. The strap pumps by Stuart are also nice, but maybe with a dress this sweet I'd prefer those by Sophia Webster, Evangeline Pink Glitter; and a more glittery Clara clutch. In that case the outfit would get a 100% from me!

Outfit: 89 % Make-up and hair: 84 %

Aneta Vignerová - Half-naked soldier

Aneta is known for not being afraid to go out on a limb, nor to experiment. Once again we have a woman here with a great figure, who can pull off almost anything. That's why I was a little disappointed in this military-esque choice by COS. A bag much like one for a regional nurse from the 50's and, and that shapeless skirt... The jacket I can at least consider an intentional "cool" provocation. Unfortunately the whole thing strikes me as bland. It just doesn't look polished. Pity.

Outfit: 35 % Make-up and hair: 70 %

Lukáš Macháček - A safe bet

Yeah, when you're a designer, you have the advantage of always knowing what to go for. Lukáš Macháček is a clear example of that. His outfit is lively and even his already overused joke in the form of harem pants is alright. After all, it really is difficult to come up with something new for guys, isn't it?

Outfit: 75 %

Ornella Koktová
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