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One of the most prestigious fashion events of the Czech Republic is here! MBPFW has started and our Counter-current Fashion team shone a light on what the celebrities wore to the gala opening.

MBPFW begins! Billionaire’s ex-wife sparkles in a dress worth 65 pounds!

Martina Šmalclová
01.Sep 2018
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Eliška Dospivová (TFNC - 65 pounds) and Olena Mazuch (dress Attico - 500 eur)  shoes Balenciaga

A showcase of immortal black

Black is good. That could be the motto of the MUMM & MBPFW opening party, as most of the ladies attended the gala party at the Clam-Gallas Palace dressed in luxurious black outfits. Only very few of them let their fantasy loose or put on bright fresh colours!  

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Ornella Koktová
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Názor PROTI PROUDU: Martina Šmalclová

Eliška Dospivová & Olena Mazuch: Both sparkled, but for very different prices!

The sparkly outfits worn by Eliška Dospivová and Olena Mazuch paired with sporty sneakers certainly the most controversial of the evening. While Eliška Dospivová, ex-wife of a billionaire, donned a gown worth 65 pounds, Olena Mazuch spent 500 on a very similar dress in a different colour. At first glance, the price difference was not apparent. What’s more, Eliška Dospivová bet on cycling shorts, but she shouldn’t have. This faux pas could not be saved even by her luxurious handbag and modern, sporty Balenciaga shoes. But we have to praise both ladies for their courage to stand out in a crowd.

Šarlota Frantinová, Natalie Kotková, Sara Sandeva: Stylish and tasteful at MBPFW

The outfits worn by Šarlota Frantinová and Natalie Kotková were fairly similar. They both showed up in outfits that don’t get lost among the others. We praise both ladies for their great look. This is exactly what we want to see at Prague Fashion Week!

Sára Sandeva also surprised us pleasantly with her outfit. The young actress donned a herringbone suit and a white top fitted under the bust, which is equally appropriate for the stylish MBPFW event.

The beautiful Andrea Verešová didn’t shine this time!

One always has great expectations for Andrea Verešová, but they were unfulfilled this time. The red dress by Michal Mark entirely suppresses the model’s curves and the applique on the shoulders gave the impression that the luxurious gown was somehow unfinished.

The dress worn by Anna Linhartová was an equal disappointment. We appreciate the sweet pink in a sea of red, and it was obviously a high-quality piece, but the result is all wrong. And the pumps? We suggest that Anna Linhartová toss those out altogether.

Luxusní byt na prodej s terasou a výhledem
Luxusní byt na prodej s terasou a výhledem, Praha 1

A perfect hit? Jitka Nováčková and Liběna Rochová!

The most luxurious outfits certainly included the Pietro Filipi dress worn by Jitka Nováčková and the gown worn by Liběna Rochová. Jitka Nováčková proved that black need not always be boring, if you choose the right tailoring and bright shoes, and Liběna Rochová brought out a piece that was perfect from A to Z. Superb!

Tamara Kotvalová, Beata Rajská: A breath of fresh air at the event

The friendly Tamara Kotvalová wore a black mini dress with silver sequins, which added some pleasant freshness to the special evening. We praise the gorgeous pumps and the unconventional clutch. With her attractive outfit, Beata Rajská reminded us that summer isn’t over yet, choosing a combination of snowy white and flowers. The atypical nude and lilac pumps are an excellent accessory.

Hana Vagnerová let loose and lost the fairy look

At the Elite Model Look finale, Hana Vagnerová wore a stunning minimalist white gown, in which she looked like a fairy. But she took things up a notch at the MBPFW opening! The actress donned a Versace outfit in which she looked like anything but a fragile flower. We’re not used to this kind of style with Hana, and give her thumbs up for her boldness.

The Langmannová, Bartošová and Kaira Hrachovcová trio neither offends nor delights.

While Linda Bartošová bet on a minimalistic black dress by Zuzana Kubíčková, Kateřina Kaira Hrachovcová and Renata Langmannová opted for elegant suits – also in black, naturally! We suggest that Kateřina replace the shoes and clutch with something else, and after that we’ll be able to say that the outfits of all three ladies are neither offensive nor particularly delightful …

Martina Šmalclová

Názor PROTI PROUDU: Ornella Koktová

Another Prague Fashion Week has opened its doors to selected guests, and they all strove to wear something that is trendy, but will also work as inspiration for others. How did the Czech stars do in front of the famous photo wall? Let’s take a look!

Eliška Dospivová:

Former model and also ex-wife of a Czech billionaire appeared in society after what must be 150 years. To everybody’s surprise, she was practically the only person to show up in an outfit that was simply different. At first glance the style looks copied from Kim Kardashian West, with the sole difference that the purple sequined dress cost Eliška merely 22 pounds. Yes, it is available at a discount on ASOS. However, the Balenciaga sneakers worth 17,375 CZK paired with the Gucci handbag really spiced up the overall impression. Not to mention the spandex shorts under the dress. I find the overall look really fun, which is why this outfit deserves praise! More proof that luxury fashion can be perfectly combined with affordable items.

Dress: 88% Hair and makeup: 50%

Kateřina Hrachovcová:

The popular TV series actress surprisingly showed up in an elegant trouser suit with a grey clutch, without any provocative accessories. I don’t consider a low neckline and absent top to be anything daring in this day and age, but I really like her choice by Pietro Filipi nonetheless. What’s more, her perfect hair and makeup gave the whole look a nice touch of flair.

Dress: 80% Hair and makeup: 90%

Šarlota Frantinová:

One of the few rappers in the country attended the event as a VIP probably for the first time. It was obvious that she was really enjoying the occasion, and she was thoroughly prepared, leaving nothing to chance. Her outfit by Diesel suited her style and was fairly balanced. In truth, this was rather surprising because otherwise, Šarlota strives to present herself more like Nicki Minaj with her boobs out. What I particularly like is the braided hairstyle. It’s seriously COOL and drew attention!

Dress: 72% Hair and makeup: 80%

Jitka Nováčková:

Recently, the somewhat awkward former pageant winner Jitka Nováčková is becoming one of the most stylish models in the country. Over time, she stopped being afraid and started experimenting. This time, we only see some boldness in her makeup. The deep purple glitter on the lips is serious top-class, and the same goes for the casual chic hairdo. As of the flowy black dress by Pietro Filipi... it’s not really all that. I think Jitka should let loose a bit more and crown her great makeup with something more interesting.

Dress: 70% Hair and makeup: 100%

Hana Vágnerová:

Hana could be seen alongside the director of MBPFW, Lukáš Loskot. She opted for a rather unconventional outfit by Versace for the gala opening. Essentially, it is merely a shiny skirt combined with an ordinary t-shirt bearing the brand logo, and utterly boring strappy heels. Even Lukáš Loskot was 100 times more appealing. In my opinion it’s rather a shame, because I usually consider her to be one of the most stylish actresses around.

Dress: 55% Hair and makeup: 67%

Andrea Verešová:

One of the perennial stars of Czechoslovak modelling arrived in a bright red, loosely-cut dress by Michal Mark. Surprisingly, it wasn’t a dress with a plunging neckline or massive slit, which was rather shocking. Nevertheless, I have always disliked satin, because it always makes a sort of cheap impression on me. And here we can see it first-hand. The price? 12,400 CZK... for a piece of ordinary satin with no flair or embellishment is quite PRESUMPTUOUS!

Dress: 40% Hair and makeup: 60%

Linda Bartošová:

Former runner-up miss (I don’t remember the specific order) and current reporters for ČT24 attended the MBPFW opening wearing an “old young” style. It’s clear to me that Linda was trying to look sophisticated and didn’t want to be sexy (god forbid attractive) in any way, and she succeeded perfectly! The dull black funeral dress by Zuzana Kubíčková accessorised with red pumps, hair and makeup that looked as though she’d just got out of bed! I’m dying of boredom. What a shame to kill such promising potential!

Dress: 10% Hair and makeup: 20%

MBPFW has only just begun, and you can soon look forward to more COUNTER-CURRENT FASHION. Until then, “Cheers to Fashion”!

Ornella Koktová
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