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Back to being a doctor after 15 years.

Mayor Hřib helps fight the coronavirus. He put on a white coat and went to work at a hospital

Karolína Lišková
27.Oct 2020
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Primátor Zdeněk Hřib.

Coronavirus cases are rising sharply, as do hospitalizations. In addition, the coronavirus is spreading among health professionals themselves, leaving hospitals with a shortage of staff. Therefore, the mayor of Prague, Zdeněk Hřib, was not lazy and went to to put his life on the line at the front lines. Fifteen years after his internship at the hospital has ended, he put on a white coat again and hurried to the University Hospital in Královské Vinohrady as a volunteer to help his colleagues.

Hřib does not hide the fact that it is nervous about the new function.

"I really approach it with great humility and respect, and I firmly hope that this really motivates other people who could go to the hospitals for help. After all, people in hospitals now need all our support, "

he said in front of journalists on Tuesday afternoon in front of Pavilion S, where the central reception of covid patients is located. Here come those who are suspected to have the coronavirus.

Hřib is in charge of the patient's initial examination, writing the documentation and assisting more experienced doctors.

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Primátor Zdeněk Hřib s respirátorem v nemocnici.
Primátor Zdeněk Hřib s respirátorem v nemocnici.Source:

He continues to serve as mayor

Hřib studied general medicine at the 3rd Medical Faculty of Charles University in 2006. However, he only practiced medicine during internships at school. The mayor returns to work at the hospital after an incredible fifteen years.

However, Hřib will "play" the doctor only in his free time in the afternoon. So far, he plans to keep coming to the hospital for two weeks, but does not rule out that his volunteering may be extended depending on the situation. However, he must continue to serve as mayor.

"Since there are none of the various ceremonial events where I tend to have the opening word, I can arrive at the hospital in the afternoon. I hope that this will motivate other people. "

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Hřib oblečený v ochranném oděvu.
Hřib oblečený v ochranném oděvu. Source: archiv Prokop Laichter

"We see the mayor's decision as very motivating for all the doctors, nurses and other medical staff who are at home or working remotely from other places and are thinking about how they could help in this covid situation."

Petr Arenberger, the hospital's director, confided his feelings, adding that 150 medics are currently helping the hospital.

More volunteers are needed

But he is aware that this will not be enough in the next few weeks and the hospital will need twice as many. They adjust the capacity according to the pressure from the hospitalizations of covid patients. There are currently 85 of them in FNKV, 15 of which are on artificial ventilation.

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Hřib mává v covidovém obleku.
Hřib mává v covidovém obleku.Source:

"The situation is such that by the end of the week we will have to open to a capacity of 126, at least a third of the hospital will be used for covid patients. We are waiting for more deliveries of devices from New Zealand, which should come this week and we will expand our capacities again, but it is at the expense of planned care, at the expense of long-term care, rehabilitation care and so on, "

complained the director, who also admitted that there are currently 81 doctors and nurses missing from the workplace.

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Hřib s kolegou lékařem.
Hřib s kolegou lékařem. Source: archiv Prokop Laichter

Prodej luxusní vily, Praha 4 - Kunratice
Prodej luxusní vily, Praha 4 - Kunratice, Praha 4

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