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Last year, the Czech artist based in the USA came to Prague after 19 years with an exhibition called The Alchemist. And because it was successful beyond his expectations, Maxim Havlíček decided to hold another exhibition this year. This time, it is called Time Traveler. His luxury paintings will be available until October 9 at studio Character in Prague.


Maxim loves his life in Los Angeles, but admits that he likes to come back to the Czech Republic whenever time allows. Which means practically every summer. His artistic thinking draws him into a different world already on the plane every time he goes home.

“When I travel, I'm not only moving through space on board of a plane, it also brings me back to my childhood. All those scents, colors... it simply reminds me of my childhood, which was a wonderful time. I feel that I'm actually living two lives. An adult one that I've created for myself in America and a childlike one I'm trying to follow up on by traveling through time. But somehow it's not really working. It makes me sad sometimes,”

the artist admitted before his exhibition. He creates from things that surround him. Maxim creates according to his current mood. His paintings thus become his own intimate confession.

“Everyone has to find something that speaks to them in it. The paintings I make are a kind of intimate expression of my emotions and feelings at the moment when I'm creating them.”

When a spectator looks at the paintings, they see everything there. Even things they would never have expected to find in a painting. That's because Havlíček uses everything he sees around himself in his creative process. One of the paintings has a special meaning for him.

“It's called Ostrava and was born in a single day, more precisely in 12 hours. I created it at the Colors of Ostrava festival, where I was invited by HM. Since I create from everything I find around me, I used clay and slag directly from those old factories in Vítkovice. It was great."

Tens of people came to the Character studio yesterday to see the famous artist. His brother Karel assumed the role of a DJ and rivers of alcohol were consumed. Initially, the place had been quite dark, but then a ballerina appeared, lighting the paintings on by one with her dance, thus opening the exhibition.

Luxusní byt na prodej Smíchov - Praha 5 - 94m
Luxusní byt na prodej Smíchov - Praha 5 - 94m, Praha 5

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