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There were not a few romantically-inclined philosophers who endeavoured to mathematically express love. Even a book was published on this topic. But is it really possible to express love through an equation?

Mathematical Expression of Love

Eva Ledecká
14.Feb 2018
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Hannah Fry, who teaches at University College London, applies mathematical models in her work that examine human behaviour. On the basis of statistics and graphs she describes the functioning of search for a partner and partner relationships in general. Recently, her book, Mathematics of Love, formulas, evidence and the finding of the correct equation was translated into Czech.

The first 37% should be rejected!

Hannah Frey mathematically expresses that we should not marry a partner belonging among the first 37% of the people we date. This means that if for example we have a total of twenty partners in life, the first eight should definitely be rejected and only choose the next one that is better than all the previous ones.

She probably arrived at this result through mathematical calculations! But many people may oppose this. And what if only one man is designated to us for our entire life? Mathematics simply ends here!

Vila na prodej - Klánovice - 465m
Vila na prodej - Klánovice - 465m, Praha 9

Such similar calculations, as made by Mrs Fry, have been made throughout the world in countless cases but none of them can actually calculate love. But there may really be something in there...

Mathematical functions showing a luxurious heart!

In his quick confession Karel Janeček revealed that luxurious feeling such as love cannot be expressed by any formula, but that there is a function which, when converted into a graph, displays the heart. So we had a look at it and found out that he was right.

Although this function (or equation, if you wish) seems to a mere mortal to be only a tangle of letters and numbers, in the end you arrive at something that, when displayed as a graph, shows a luxurious shape heart!

And this is about the only thing that we here, in the editor´s office of Luxury Prague Life, are willing to believe in the context of combining love and mathematics ... Of course, apart from the familiar old equation E+L=GLF (Great Love Forever) that we know from inscriptions on primary school desks.

Love is simply something marvelous between earth and sky and we should be grateful for being able to experience these luxurious feelings. And as for some math - let it calculate something more tangible!

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