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A hospital room that feels like home

Maternity apartments for 15 million crowns! Everyone wants to give birth at Bulovka now!

Karolína Lišková
27.Jun 2020
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Many women want to give birth at home, free of the stress caused by the hospital environment. The management of the Hospital Na Bulovce responded to these requests and built two brand new apartments for new mothers, which are supposed to remind future moms of home. There is an incredible interest in these luxury small apartments worth fifteen million crowns, even though they cost 4,500 crowns for 24 hours.

Takhle vypadaly prostory před rekonstrukcí.
Místnost pro porod-speciální polohovací postel i velká vana.

Since last February, the Midwifery Center, where women can give birth with only the help of a midwife and the doctor intervenes in the event of unforeseen complications, has been in operation at the Gynecology and Obstetrics Clinic of the Hospital Na Bulovce. Part of the development of the center is the construction of specialized maternity apartments, two of which are just about to open.

They offer a friendly environment, plenty of privacy and all the comfort one can wish for not only to new mothers, but also to the people accompanying them, whose number is not limited.

Prodej luxusního bytu 2+kk, 98 m2 s terasou
Prodej luxusního bytu 2+kk, 98 m2 s terasou, Praha 4

"The aim of these apartments is to make the future mother feel at home, which, I believe, we managed to achieve,"

said Professor Michal Zikán, head of the Gynecology and Obstetrics Clinic.

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Obývák i s kuchyňkou.
Obývák i s kuchyňkou. Source: Nemocnice Na Bulovce

It has the parameters of an ordinary apartment

The apartment is practically identical in size to the average Prague apartment with a 2-bedroom layout. It has 45 square meters, a huge bathroom and a spacious bathtub that provides the mom with the necessary comfort. It boasts above average equipment, has its own kitchen, a relaxation space, a special bed for childbirth and a space for the baby. The apartment functions as part of the delivery room and enables safe delivery with the assistance of a doctor.

"At this point, the apartments are intended for the delivery itself, within a few hours after giving birth, new mothers with the newborns are moved to the postnatal ward,"

said Zikan.

Booking in advance is not possible

Due to the fact that it's not possible to predict the exact date of birth, delivery in maximum privacy cannot be booked in advance.

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Pohled do koupelny.
Pohled do koupelny.Source: Nemocnice Na Bulovce

"When a woman who is about to give birth arrives and is interested in the apartment, we will give it to her, if it's free, there's no other way to do it,"

Zikan explained.

Due to the huge interest in giving birth in a luxurious environment that evokes the atmosphere of home, the hospital management already plans to expand their offer by another four apartments. But those will have to be part of another building that could be renovated next year.

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