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Masopust, the time of festivites, is here! It is a time of merriment and lively folk traditions, in the six-week prior to the fast beginning before Easter.

Masopust carnival is in full swing! Where to go to see the best masks?

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15.Feb 2019
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The masopust carnival in Malá Strana

Masopust, or ‘fašank‘

The period for the masopust carnival fell on the days from 6. January to the 6. March. In the past, Masopust, or in colloquial language ‘fašank‘, was a time of feasts and merriment between two lent periods.

Today, pig-slaughtering feasts are an inherent part of masopust, as well as the contest for the best masopust costume, neighbour fun activites, and of course parades with the most impressive masks. In a word, as bustling as it can be. We have tips for you, where to set off to have the most amazing time!

Masopust one of the biggest? In Roztoky u Prahy!

It is said that the festivities in Roztoky u Prahy are of the biggest. The parade full of original masks travels to the Roztok castle, where it starts every year, and then continues through the town Roztoky, sunken lanes, meadows and fields up to Holý vrch, where it meets the procession from Únětice and Suchdol. The start of this event is on the 16. February 2019 at 12:00, and you can enjoy the merriment until 23:00. Care to join?

The masopust carnival in Malá Strana is once again to be a great spectacle

The masopust carnivals in Malá strana and Hradčany will be organized as every year by the municipality of Prague 1, this year it is prepared to be held on the saturday 2. March 2019. Meeting time is 13:30 in front of the restaurant U Černého vola in Loretánská ulice in Hradčany. You are free to join, or you can just be a spectator of this procession in the following places: Nerudova ulice, Thunovská ulice, or at Malostranská square, and also in Mostecká ulice. The ‚Pražský pouťový orchestr‘ (Prague carnival orechestra) and the Chlapecký sbor Bruncvík (Boy‘s choir Bruncvík) will accompany the procession.

Prodej exkluzivní vily, Praha 4 - Kunratice
Prodej exkluzivní vily, Praha 4 - Kunratice, Praha 4

To folk festivities to Strání

Since the year 1987 the town Strání in the Uherskobrodský region organizes the Festival of masopust Fašank traditions. What can you look forward to? You will see hundreds of performers in traditional folk costumes with fantastic straw hats, the ancient sword battle of the fašankers, you will hear a variety of folk songs, and you will taste a range of delicacies. It takes place from the 1.3 2019 to 5.3.2019.

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