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The breath-taking design of the amazing concept for the luxury Maserati 975 Ernesto was created by Maurice Maschmeyer, a design student at the Art Centre College of Design.

Maserati 975 Ernesto: a seductive devil from the future!

Eva Ledecká
20.Mar 2017
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The concept car gained its name in honour of one of the brand’s founders who died in 1975. 

Maserati 975 Ernesto
Maserati 975 Ernesto
Maserati 975 Ernesto

Luxury between heaven and earth

This is what many could call this absolutely original concept for a futuristic hybrid car. You will find 5 engines under the luxury bonnet which have endowed the car with incredible power. The battery is located under the driver’s seat to ensure the ideal distribution of weight.

The futuristic and luxurious exterior is not just designed to look good. It is based on jet fighter technology. Among other things, the unique sound of the engine is an imposing one thanks to the exhaust pipes located at the front of the car.

Luxusní byt Vinohrady - 230m
Luxusní byt Vinohrady - 230m, Praha 2

The future shape of sports cars

It is possible that by looking at the Maserati 975 Ernesto concept, we are gaining a glimpse of the future of sports cars. But it is not easy today to estimate how far away this future is.

The genius Maurice Maschmeyer

We do however know one thing. Thanks to this luxury model, the name of the design student Maurice Maschmeyer is being mentioned ever more frequently, despite the fact that this is under no circumstances his first design. Even though this concept may never go into production, one thing is certain. Maschmeyer will be graduating from design school this year and we can thus expect great things in the field of car design.

When you finally have a proper look at this luxury car, you will hope as we do that it will soon become a reality decorating our streets.

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