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Motorbike season 2018 begins.

Martin Písařík and other bikers head to the streets, the season has begun!

Jana Fikotová
25.Apr 2018
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Martin Písařík

Spring is in full swing, but there are dudes who ride all year. Some even have different machines on two wheels for the winter and summer. For some bikers, however, the euphoria of the first ride is often the cause of dangerous situations. That's right, there's nothing we can do about it, biker season has begun.

Actor Martin Písařík is undoubtedly looking forward to this year's motorbike season

Martin Písařík will soon appear as the brand-new face of the popular TV show Moto Cestou necestou. How did his passion for the two-wheel drive begin?

"At the age of 14, I discovered the old JAWA mustang 50 in the shed at our cottage. My dad and I put it together. Then I went through different bikes, I had a motorcycle from Dáda Gondík, which I unfortunately destroyed. Now I have two bikes – an Aprilia TUONO 1000 and a KTM 1090 Adventure R," explains the actor, who rides only in the Czech Republic for the moment.

Spring belongs to bikers!

After the winter break, two-wheelers return to the road and police consider spring to be one of the most risky periods of the biker season. According to their statistics, more than half of traffic accidents are the bikers' own fault. Some instructors of safe riding on a motorbike even claim that bikers are a danger to themselves.

A motorbike is a machine that more and more people are falling in love with and it is far from being purely a matter for men, women also fall under the spell of the motorbike. However, it is good to think not only about choosing the right bike, but also the accessories. Motorbike clothing is one of the most important things.

Prodej rodinného domu, Praha 5 – 327m2
Prodej rodinného domu, Praha 5 – 327m2, Praha 5

If you already have your machine parked in the garage and are just waiting for the first rays of the sun to take it for a ride, you should remember the following:

1) Check the battery

If you did not charge the battery over the winter, you need to check it. However, it is necessary to check it even if you did charge it during the winter. The charger can be sucked not only while driving but also by the alarm when the bike is parked in the garage. So check it and charge it. Be prepared for the fact that the battery might be dead.

2) Ignition

Many motorcycle drivers think that nothing can happen to a motorbike during the winter when it is merely standing in the garage and collecting dust. But that's not true. Moisture in the shed or the garage may have a negative impact on the ignition system. It can damage the spark plug, so be sure to check the ignition system properly before heading out for your first trip in the new season.

3) Cooling system

Everyone should check the cooling system – even those who did not park in a freezing barn. Check the tubes, connections and coolant level in the radiator.

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