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Rendering of the Battle of Lipany has never been so convincing as the scene which is offered to visitors to Prague at the Prague Exhibition Grounds housed in a special circular pavilion. Allow yourself to be drawn into the battlefield via this luxurious three-dimensional work of art.

The Marold Panorama: Luxury rendering of the Battle of Lipany

Eva Ledecká
29.Jan 2017
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The Marold Panorama is the largest panoramic picture in the Czech Republic depicting the Battle of Lipan

The Marold Panorama - the pavilion
The Marold Panorama
The Marold Panorama

Luděk Marold began work on the unique picture, which was supposed to be unconventional right from the very start, in 1898 together with the painter Karel Rašek and the landscape painter Václav Jansa, the colourist Theodor Hilšer, the horse painter Ludvík Vacátek and the scenic artist Karel Štapfer.

This unique work was one of the items exhibited at the Exhibition of Architecture and Engineering in 1898. A special circular pavilion was built for it, although not the one in which you can admire the work today.

Luxusní kancelář na pronájem v Pařížské ulici
Luxusní kancelář na pronájem v Pařížské ulici, Praha 1

Unfortunate fate of the pavilion

The pavilion was demolished in 1908 and the work of art had to be reconstructed. A new wooden pavilion was built and the same artists who created the picture participated in its restoration. But neither the pavilion nor the work lasted this time either. The pavilion collapsed in 1929 and the picture was badly damaged. New renovation work was started and completed in 1934. Flooding in 2002 again toyed with the fate of this work, but in 2004 it was again fully open to visitors.

A luxurious panoramic picture

The work captures a decisive battle in 1434 between the Hussite armies. The canvas is circular, blending into three-dimensional wartime decorations. You can admire replicas of period weapons and also other military items from that time. The whole atmosphere really does come across as almost strangely realistic.

A visit to the Marold Panorama could be a luxurious final stop-off point for you after a walk in the adjacent Royal Game Preserve.

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