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The holidays of overeating, carols and Christmas cookies are finally here!

Mariah Carey, mulled wine and knitted sweaters or all things without which Christmas wouldn't be Christmas

Kateřina Ostrejšová
24.Dec 2020
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Mariah Carey

There are things in this world that we can live comfortably without. We don't need them. But there are also those that seem to have appeared out of nowhere and suddenly became part of our Christmas lives. These are exactly the details that make Christmas Christmas. So let's take a look at what we should find in our Christmas package this year!

Christmas sweaters

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Muž se ženou s prskavkou v ruce.
Muž se ženou s prskavkou v ruce. Source:

Why are we doing this? Why do we buy them? Usually, they don't suit us, we wear them once a year and they often make us look ridiculous. And that's exactly the point. There is nothing better than to look at your loved one and see them in a tasteless sweater full of pompoms, lights, reindeers and snowflakes. Caught red-handed! With that big smile on your lips that these sweaters tend to conjure up.

All I Want for Christmas Is You

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Mariah Carey
Mariah CareySource: ©Apple TV/Courtesy Everett Collection

This song is from 1994, so it's hard to believe that, after all those years, it's still breaking the Christmas charts, even to this day. Just admit it. Who wouldn't put on this song during Christmas at least once? Everyone obviously needs to hear those beloved vocals of the elusive singer Mariah Carey! Whether in a sweater or not.

Christmas is here, enjoy Coca-Cola

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Santa Claus s Coca-Colou
Santa Claus s Coca-ColouSource:

Do you also feel like it's not Christmas until you've seen those brightly lit Coca-Cola trucks on TV? Only few companies can claim their image is a real byword for all Christmas things. And one of them is Coca-Cola.

In 1931, the company commissioned the illustrator Haddon Sundblom to create a coloring book of Santa drinking their soda. This combination gained such global popularity that the iconic concept of Santa Claus sipping Coke has remained to this day.

If you love it, nothing else matters

All of us can probably associate the legendary advertisement for Kofola from 2003 with Christmas as well! The dad's cutting a Christmas tree and the daughter's happily watching the "golden piggy". Thanks to this advertisement, Kofola can also be proud of being linked with Christmas for good. Whether you belong to the Coca-Cola or Kofola team, you can't go wrong with either of those.

"One year, they wanted to take the add off the screen, but people started sending in letters, asking how on Earth was it possible that Christmas was behind the corner and they hadn't seen "the piggy" yet,"

said Barbora Novotná, the author of the advert.

Pronájem 2kk, Praha 1, 60m2
Pronájem 2kk, Praha 1, 60m2, Praha 1

Board Games

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Přátelé hrají hru.
Přátelé hrají hru. Source:

Rarely do so many family members gather at the same table as during Christmas. And we should make use of it. Chatting is a pleasant thing, but even that can get old soon. Board games are the best opportunity to laugh with your family and liven up your time together a bit. Plus, your kids will love it! Because the sight of the grandparents trying to mime something doesn't get old.

Unsuitable gifts

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Předávání dárku.
Předávání dárku. Source:

We have all been in this situation. Expectation, most often our grandma's, of how we're going to react to the surprise that awaits us inside the package she gave us. But what to do if we don't like the gift, or even find it a little unsuitable? Let's forget about all the formalities, even this belongs under the tree! The effort to make us happy and give us a gift that we didn't know about has to be appreciated. Now we can only hope that we won't be on the other side of the barricade...

A blanket and TV

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Dvě ženy sledují televizi.
Dvě ženy sledují televizi. Source:

When else can we spare time to hang out on the couch other than during these peaceful holidays? You don't have to feel guilty, because the packed TV schedule isn't on for no reason. This is the time when we can really afford to go all in. For a few days, forget all our worries and let ourselves be carried away by the Christmas atmosphere. But where do we get carried away to? To winter time New York to see Kevin home alone? To find our Love Actually? Or maybe sort the lentils and peas and go to the ball like a real Cinderella? That's entirely up to you!


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Rodina u společné večeře.
Rodina u společné večeře. Source:

The magic of Christmas undoubtedly dwells in the scent. The scent of Christmas cookies, a Christmas tree, a warm mulled wine, oranges, but also candles! Not only will they make the house smell beautifully, but they will give your Christmas "cake" the right icing. Men may not appreciate them so much, but what kind of Christmas dinner would it be without candles on the table? And a carp with salad? And Christmas cookies?

Mulled wine

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Skleničky se svařeným vínem.
Skleničky se svařeným vínem. Source:

Looking out the window at the snow while holding a warm and pleasantly aromatic mulled wine in your hands. This is the real magic of Christmas, too. Cinnamon, orange, cloves, a light foam... this drink will immerse you deeply into Christmas! If you're not a fan of alcohol, how about some hot chocolate or cocoa?

We don't know about you, but we can almost hear the jingle-bells ringing. So put on your sweaters, light the candles and turn on the TV. Christmas is here!

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