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Luxury in the middle of filthy Smíchov

The Manifesto in Smíchov has opened! Eco-friendly, featuring a pool and a ton of food

Karolína Lišková
20.Jul 2019
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When a brand-new Manifesto pop-up market opened right under the busy Prague highway last June, it was a great concern for the aesthetically inclined people who put a lot of stress on design and ecology. But the project turned out to be a success! Now the same group of people eagerly looks forward to the opening a sister affiliate at another "filthy" place - in Prague's Smíchov.

We couldn't miss the opening day, even though the weather wasn't on our side. The gastronomic concept of the Manifesto Market revived the unused yard of the Art Nouveau building of the National House from the 19th century, or more accurately its parking lot. The house itself is due for a reconstruction. But before that happens, the vibrant market will temporarily breathe life into its walls. According to the organizers, it will later move to a different location in Prague 5, whose face is slowly but surely changing. It will happen either at the end of 2019 or at the beginning of 2020.

So delicious that you'll try it all!

If you're foodies or gourmets, or simply eager to try something new, you will be literally drooling when you stop by! This Manifesto offers extraordinary luxury gastronomic experiences - fineding restaurants such as Zátiší Group or Sasazu have their stands here.

Prodej funkcionalistické vily Praha - 360m
Prodej funkcionalistické vily Praha - 360m, Praha 8

Street food fands will be able to enjoy delicacies prepared by PokeHaus, The Craft or Faency. The Pan-Asian Nebu Restaurant has also opened a pop-up kitchen.

“We are creating a concept whose centerpiece is the beer culture and art of Czech brewers, and we have focused on the highest quality and diversity. We also aim for a wider impact, by trying to bring about a more profound change in the urban space we are entering. We want to reshape neglected places and revive those around us. The path to this goal is lined with unique and memorable experiences,”

says the founder of the market Martin Barry, who drew inspation abroad - in New York and Montreal.

Swimming pool

It would be close to impossible to find a person who doesn't appreciate a beautiful water installation in the summer heat. It may not be designed for swimming, but dipping your feet in is still a welcome refreshment. Barry collaborated on the overall appearance with the architectural duo Chybík + Krištof and found out that the surface also functions as a mirror of the historic façade, which gives the dingy building a fresh touch.

Should you want to sit down for a while after a good meal, giving your belly time to process all the food, while keeping yourself busy, you can send hand-made wooden sailing boats downstream, like in the Parisian gardens.

The Manifesto gets a thumb up from us. It is a great, vibrant place with excellent food, drinks and a mindful design. You'll find here subtle six-person picnic benches made of wood and steel. The space is equipped with solid concrete baskets for sorted waste and there are deck chairs placed around the pool.


Just like in Florenc, everything here is eco-friendly. The whole market is powered by electricity from renewable sources. Electricity is generated in the Czech Republic, by small producers, from wind, sun and water. The only difference between the two markets is that there is only food and drink to be had in Smíchov, while Florenc boasts a number of designer clothing or bag shops. Aside of that, you don't need money in this Manifesto either, cashless payments are the norm here, smoking is not allowed and dogs have to be kept on a leash.

You can also look forward live music and other forms of entertainment. All open air and free of charge. The first performers were singer Zea and DJ Sta.

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