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Champagne was flowing

Manifesto Market Florenc survived the quarantine and is swarming with people! Come and see what you can taste here

Karolína Lišková
19.Jun 2020
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Manifesto Market at Florence in Prague was supposed to exist no longer than a year. But since the construction work in its vicinity has not yet begun, this amazing place full of good food and drink has already celebrated its second birthday. Even though it looked like it might not recover from the coronavirus crisis anymore!

Apparently, the quarantine came exactly on the day when Manifesto was to open after the winter break. That was a heavy blow, especially for the restaurateurs.

"We got through it by freezing our tenants' rentals and starting to look for ways to keep the activity going. So we've launched delivery, a combined system that no one else is doing here,"

explained the spokesperson of the non-profit organization reSITE, Radka Ondráčková.

Luxusní byt na prodej, Praha 7- Bubeneč - 150m
Luxusní byt na prodej, Praha 7- Bubeneč - 150m, Praha 7

She also added that their delivery is unique in that people can combine delicacies from all the different restaurants that Manifesto offers and receive them from a single courier carrying one bag with, say, three different dishes from different restaurants.

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Narozeniny přišlo oslavit hodně lidí.
Narozeniny přišlo oslavit hodně lidí. Source: Manifesto

A long-awaited meeting under the sky

Manifesto operators had been afraid that people might not be eager to come back after the quarantine, but to everyone's great relief, the place has been full since May 11th.

"After two months of isolation, people are returning and the Manifesto has become a sought-after place where you can have a warm conversation over fragrant food, with the sky above your head, and wash away your troubles with a good drink,"

said the guru of the Manifesto idea Martin Barry.

"People keep coming, thankfully. Apparently they really like us and we like them. The birthday party is really crowded, even larger groups of people pop up. We have two DJs here, so everyone can find something to their liking,"

Ondráčková rejoices, adding that a terrace for VIP guests was also opened, where Veuve Clicquot kept flowing freely.

Cultural life, too, is slowly but surely returning to Manifesto. In Smíchov, they host an open-air cinema every Wednesday, and people can also visit the swimming pool. In Florence, on the other hand, parties will be held, as well as events related to cooking under the baton of Marek Pavala. The Eat Italia week starts on June 25; it's a tribute to Italian cuisine, wines and bubbles. The motto of this season is "Holiday everyday".

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Párty jak má být.
Párty jak má být.Source: Manifesto

"On the third and fourth of July, we will transport ourselves to Mexico. The Alebrijes concept will celebrate its third birthday with real Mexican music and a special menu,"

the founder of Manifesta Martin Barry lures the visitors.

In addition to parties, DJs and a cooking school, you can look forward to new establishments. In Florence, you can newly get beer from the tap in the Beer & Beer District (Bar by Manifesto: Pilsner Urquell + Vinohrady Brewery) or try some gin in the Gin & Bubbles District bar. In terms of food, you can look forward to establishments such as Chicko Chicken, Fuego Wild dinner, Hansa, and during June, SaSaZu chefs will join the bunch.

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Je libo drink?
Je libo drink?Source: Manifesto

Of course, disinfection is available at every corner and the number of tables has been limited. But none of this can spoil the atmosphere of the traditional Manifesto.

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