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No money, no Manifesto

Manifesto Market: Are you planning to visit? We know how much you'll pay and what for!

Karolína Lišková
06.Aug 2019
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Dobré jídlo z kvalitních ingrediencí stojí dost peněz.

The times when everything in the Czech Republic was grey and black only, that including food, are fortunately long gone. During the past few years, gastronomy has gotten to a point that our parents couldn't even dream of. But all those pretty grilled delicacies made out of exotic ingredients cost a lot of money... At, you could read about the opening of a Manifesto market at Smíchov a while ago. Today we bring you the next part of the story. This time it will concern your wallets.

A few days ago a modern Manifesto market opened at Smíchov in Prague. Its older sibling has been operating under the Prague expressway at Florenc for over a year now.

And because it's caught on there and the public has taken a liking to the place not only because of great food, but also because of concerts and social events, it's no surprise that restaurant owners were ready to bend over backwards just to serve their meals in this temporary oasis of luxury.

Prodej luxusního domu, Praha - západ - 414 m2
Prodej luxusního domu, Praha - západ - 414 m2, Okolí Prahy


At Manifesto market, you can enjoy Czech beer alongside international cuisine from the most famous chefs in the world. The organizers combine Asian, Mexican and even American cuisine, accompanied by Italian prosecco and luxurious cocktails.

Le Valmont Bubbles Bar

This business received a prize for "best new business" and "best club" in the Czech Bar Awards 2016. It's no wonder then that the drinks reach a certain price range here. On the other hand, the quality's great.

1 dl of Moët for 315 CZK, 1.5 dl of white wine for 95 CZK or more. Aperol Spritz for 145 CZK and Mojito for 185 CZK.

Vinohradský pivovar

This brewery prides itself in having four brand new brass tanks for tank beer, and next to the Pilsner special, it has other beer specials on tap too. It also offers beer tapping courses.

Apa twelve - 59 CZK, Šnyt - 45 CZK, Mlíko - 45 CZK, Kingswood - 59 CZK.

Bowls by Zátiší

This luxurious business claims to offer modern Czech fusion cuisine. Which means that it serves tartars made from meat of the highest quality. Be it beef rump with shiitake mushrooms, or salmon with kimchi.

A bowl of tartar with three slices of fried bread - 195 CZK.

A combo - comprised of three kinds of tartar - 245 CZK.

They're even mindful of vegetarians, you can order a mix of beetroot with ricotta and dill or eggplant tartar with mushrooms, chickpeas and truffle oil.

A bottle of prosecco goes for 395 CZK...

Alebrijes Bar, Cocina Mexicana

Three brothers dreamed of a magical place where friends and families come to spend their time in each other's company, where you can smell traditional Mexican cooking, like what your mom used to make for Sunday lunch back home in Mexico City. That's how Alebrijes Bar, Cocina Mexicana was born.

Margarita made with fresh fruits - 140 CZK

Food for cca 250-300 CZK.


If you're in the mood to have multiple things at once, you can build your own meal at PokeHaus. Here they serve original Hawaiian poke and they're careful not to create waste during the process, so they don't use traditional plastics. Tell the staff what you want in this five-ingredient meal - sushi rice or quinoa, then protein and what kind of fruit and vegetables. You can also mark the individual ingredients on special cards.

250 CZK per bowl.

Faency Fries

The founder of Manifesto market is American, so American delicacies such as fries, hot dogs and burgers can't be missing. Faency Fries is a small fast food concept that originated in Ostrava. They serve their fries with home-made dipping sauces that are made from high quality local ingredients. Hmm... and if you have cheddar sprinkled on your fries, that's the stuff!

Medium size - 49 CZK.

The Craft

You say you'd kill for the perfect burger? Here they love meat and all their burgers are made from top quality Czech meat.

Average burger price - 219 CZK.

You'll pay for a nice evening, then pay a bit more for a long one

In conclusion, if you want to go out and enjoy a pleasant evening, have a few drinks and a nice meal, you'll need at least 500 crowns. Let's not forget tips for the staff... If you want to spend a longer time here, count with not fitting into a 500 crown budget. Thanks to the whole place being cashless, meaning they don't accept cash, but cards only, the spending won't hurt until you see your bank statement later. This kind of dining simply costs a bit more than the cafeteria at your work place or the Asian fusion bistro down the street from your office...

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