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Become a zookeeper for one day for a bunch of money

Making out with a sea lion or becoming a zookeeper for the day: Prepare your wallet!

Karolína Lišková
09.Sep 2019
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Prague zoo is the fourth best in the world. Not only does it breed critically endangered species, but has a number of born and cute cubs. And because they have thousands of fans on social networks, the marketing sector is trying to think of a variety of fun stuff to satisfy a visitor. So you can pay not only to kiss a sea lion, but also for a working day as a zookeeper. But you pay for it.

The sea lion Eda was born in June and literally became the highlight of the zoo. Once admitted into the large pool among the other sea lions, it gets crowded. Although the male sleeps most of the day when he wakes up, it is a great upheaval.

Barking at dogs

“He learned to swim brilliantly, and now he learns from the others the various tricks we teach them here,”

told chief zookeeper Jakub Mezei, saying that since he is used to people, he is mainly interested in dogs.

Luxusní vila na prodej v okolí Prahy - 320m
Luxusní vila na prodej v okolí Prahy - 320m,

“When he sees them through the glass, of course, he tries to get to the dogs. He jumps up at the glass or even makes these sounds, ”

he added describing a sound when open-mouthed sea lions make barking noises.

The cub Eda, born on May 31, is the grandson of Gaston the sea lion, who became one of the symbols of the devastating 2002 flood. Vltava water flooded even the zoo premises in Troja and damaged the sea lion enclosure. Gaston escaped and via Vltava and Elbe got all the way to Germany, avoiding attempts to get caught. It was only after he was 300 kilometers away that German rescuers could catch him near Berlin. On the way back to Prague, however, Gaston died as a result of the infection caused by exhaustion. Today Gaston has a monument in the zoo.

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Adventure program with him costs 3000 CZK for 30 minutes
Adventure program with him costs 3000 CZK for 30 minutesSource: Zoo Prague/Petr Hamerník

Sea lions have been bred in Prague Zoo for 85 years. The first couple was donated by actor Vlasta Burian in 1934, who bought them from America.

Kisses from Meloun are sold out

If you are a true lover of animals and especially sea lions, you have the opportunity to get close to the South African sea lions for a small fee. Mezei takes you behind the scenes, lets you feed and work with the sea lions. But beware! You are not to touch the little sea lion. This is so that he does not get afraid or bite. You have to keep in mind that sea lions are predators. However, Meloun is accustomed to visitors and kisses.

This adventure program costs 3000 CZK for 30 minutes and unfortunately sea lions are sold out until the end of 2019.

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What about a little kiss?
What about a little kiss?Source: Zoo Prague/Petr Hamerník

Zookeeper for one day

Then you can also pay for one day as a zookeeper. It will already cost more money, 12 thousand crowns. If you go in pairs, prepare 20 thousand.

You can take care of elephants, giraffes, aardvarks, felines, ungulates or birds. But don't think it's a piece of cake. It is not. You come to work normally at seven in the morning, clean the enclosures, prepare food, collect excrements, then take a lunch break, then collect excrements again, prepare the beds and food again. At the end of the shift, you finally get close to the dream animal (elephant or giraffe) and you can feed it from your hand. Of course, that won't happen with a tiger. It's simply hard work.

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