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Production of sex robots is becoming a big business. Thanks to these women with artificial intelligence, lonely men experience perfect excitement and frequently really fall in love with their artificial half.

Making Love to a Robot: Yes or No?

Eva Ledecká
14.Feb 2018
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Živá barbie Valeria Lukyanová

Sex robots are very realistic dolls featuring sophisticated movements that are very close to human ones. At the CES fair in Las Vegas the controversial sex robot Harmony was unveiled; the first that can offer emotional connection.

However, the team now concentrates on the production of her sister, Solana. She will be even more perfect; featuring a replaceable face and using an application connected to a computer in her head, it will be possible to change her mood and personality. Various wigs will take care of a different image according to your wishes.   

Making love to Samantha... as with a real woman!

Designer of sex robots, Sergi Santos, has recently come up with Samantha, one of the latest hyper-realistic robots. She features eight different modes, such as family, entertainment, sleep or three different settings for lovemaking; romantic, quiet and wild.

Her Android is so erotic, that men start to feel real feelings toward her. The producers claim that she can be seduced, before the act of love she must be excited and she can have orgasm simultaneously with you. She has sensors in the face, on the hands, breasts and genital organs, so she requires a more gentle approach than her predecessor. She is equipped with both short and long-term memory. She can focus on negative or positive things that you have done, which is very human and represents a certain form of intelligence and personality.

Luxusní dům na prodej, okolí Prahy - 298m
Luxusní dům na prodej, okolí Prahy - 298m, Okolí Prahy

The hyper-realistic robots are produced of polymer, stalk, sigh and are sold by Synth Amatus for approximately USD 3,300. The more luxurious versions may be purchased for tens of thousands of dollars.

Buy a luxurious lady made of plastic

This February a brothel was opened in Paris, offering only these robots to those who prefer plastic to human body. The luxurious club has several rooms where customers can enjoy lovemaking to sex robots of various shapes, colours and sizes. Even before that a similar undertaking was opened in Great Britain in Gateshead, which served as a test booth: “Try before you buy!"

Lovemaking in the company of virtual reality and an artificial doll

The company Camsoda came up with an absolute novelty and that is the ultimate adult experience, whereby the user can make love to a supermodel through a combination of virtual reality and an artificial doll. It is a luxurious VIRP experience, which is an abbreviation for Virtual Intercourse with Real People. A vibrator used by a real model, is connected to a doll which is able to imitate her movements. At the same time you can put of headphones and VR glasses and directly watch the model in action.

What will the future bring and what do the experts say?

Recently, manufacturers of robots published information that they are also working on the development of a new, warm body with sensors that will respond to the touch. Also, soon the light of day will be seen also by a luxury male version of sex robots, featuring a bionic penis and note - his erection will be ENDLESS! There is an enormous interest already!

Experts claim that sex robots will become a part of normal household in the coming decade and that around 2050 people will marry them as a norm. Although many men argue, as these artificial ladies saved their lives, sexologist Lev Shcheglov warns against negative impacts:

"Sex with robots is only a false imitation and may lead to psychopathic defects and isolation."

Experts also warn that this type of "fun" may result in increase of cases of rape and paedophilia perversion because these people will become accustomed to intercourse that is completely submissive and without guilt.

Love between a robot and man is the main problematic of a BBC document Can Robots Love Us?

And what about you? Would you like to try to make love to a robot? Write to us your opinion as a contribution on our Facebook!

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