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A legend among cognacs with a more than a hundred-year-old history. Louis XIII. as the only one carries the label "Ultra Premium Cognac". It is the ultimate manifestation, a masterpiece, perfect hallmark of luxury and quality. One unique crystal decanter was created by the prestigious Baccarat brand.

Exclusive Louis XIII Cognac in a Luxurious Baccarat Decanter: a Masterpiece!

Mgr. Jana Höger
14.Mar 2018
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The top echelon of art: The nine-litre decanter

The exclusive decanter for the luxury cognac is made of the world-famous Baccarat crystal and after opening it is closed by a stopper decorated by gold, of 24-carat at that. The first nine-litre decanter of its kind represents the pinnacle of glassmaking art, on which participated twenty glass masters, having processed 15 kilograms of crystal in its creation. The Le Salmanazar decanter represents a rare and unique collectible item, quite unique in our country and in the world.

Baccarat decanter for cognac of the highest quality

Imagine the pure colour of dark amber, the subtle aroma of ginger and nutmeg. A luxurious thought, don't you think? The basis of the unique taste of royal cognac is best grapevine in the world. A perfect harmony of flowers, fruit and spices with a touch of jasmine and passionflower. Through filtration, this cognac acquires a subtle aroma of ginger and nutmeg. Last but not least, on your tongue develops an unbelievable scent of roses and violet, which is harmoniously accentuated by sandal-wood and honey.

Although it is known that some producers filter the wine sediment prior to distilling, it is quite the opposite in the case of Louis XIII., in order to capture the richness of the unique aroma. The mixture called "eaux-de-vie" (a French term for colourless brandy or "live water”), while the oldest is up to 100 years old, gives the king of cognacs its luxurious taste.

The Cognac Louis XIII. itself is indubitably a very special, historical experience. And the Le Slamanazar decanter elevates this originality to an even higher level.

Prodej luxusního domu, Praha - západ - 414 m2
Prodej luxusního domu, Praha - západ - 414 m2, Okolí Prahy

Deep hidden history. Luxurious recognition given by the King himself!

The cognac was founded by a young winemaker Rémy Martin in 1724. He became famous 14 years later, when this cognac was praised the King Louis XV. of France. In addition the popular story is that he was the only winegrower authorised to extend the vineyards, despite the strict law and ban. Also notable is the year of 1848, when the first cognac bearing designation ´Fine Champagne Cognac´ was produced. 


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