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Varied colour palette, checks and other amazing patterns or combinations. That is the unique and spectacular Versace collection, which is so far among our most popular ones.

The Magnificent Collection of Versace FW 2018/19: Bold, Vibrant Colours and Checks are in!

Dominika Žejdl
01.Mar 2018
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Versace FW 2018/19

There are no compromises in the Versace FW 2018/19 collection, but it evokes innovation and vibrant colours

The Versace collections are always full of colours and shades, but often the quite kitschy pieces cannot be worn by just anyone. Although there are combinations of patterns and colours, the 2018/19 FW collection is in one word so shocking and fascinating that it totally absorbed us from the very beginning. 

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Dominika Žejdl
fashion editor
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Ornella Koktová
Móda proti proudu

Názor PROTI PROUDU: Dominika Žejdl

Wearable elegant fashion with perfect tailoring, great materials and interesting details

Sleek elegance; that is the word which captures the luxury fashion show of Versace the best. The sleek, fine and subtle, or the more striking jackets and luxury coats are the perfect accompaniment for dresses, lightweight, but also for leather trousers or skirts. Highly elegant and unique are also the models of checked pattern in neon colours which are genuinely original and will emphasise each personality. They will add zest and spark to the grey autumn or winter weather. 

Modern schoolgirl in colourful, refined and vibrant check 

If you want to stand out from the crowd, be chic and stylish, then the Versace luxury collection is for you! The fashionable check in neon colour in combination with purple looks exclusive. Some outfits are reminiscent of the ´naughty schoolgirl´ style that charges us with a strong and vibrant energy and that is precisely why we like it. The high-waisted skirt with a belt or pockets and asymmetric cut, accompanied by knee-high socks or berets are the ideal outfit for the autumn or winter weather. The luxurious patterns with various details, such as a metal trim or tassels, will turn any girl or woman into an amazing diva. 

Luxusní byt na prodej s terasou a výhledem
Luxusní byt na prodej s terasou a výhledem, Praha 1

Spectacularly ruched asymmetric skirts, but also clean simplicity

Among our most favourite pieces from the luxury collection for Fall Winter 18/19 are the beautiful original skirts of all lengths that are so energetic and chic that you will also fall in love with them. With a simple top with some inscription and layering it will create a stunning outfit. However, not every woman loves extravagance and that is precisely why the collection includes also lightweight, flowing dresses in several shades. 

Dominika Žejdl

Názor PROTI PROUDU: Ornella Koktová

Hey, hey, fashion style of the crazy 90's is back!!

Yes, we have noted that in respect of quite a few designers. However, Versace presented the first collection of this kind which finally has a spark - and despite the flair does not look too over the top to be dreadful!

Like any woman I also have days when I need absolute comfort and relaxation. But what if that day there is some social event on the programme that cannot be cancelled? Voilá, Versace invented an evening dress where there is a plain white t-shirt inside the corset and the whole thing is crowned by a cascading long skirt in varied colours: that´s the very stuff! You will feel perfectly cosseted and the corset will ensure that in all circumstances you will have a great posture and a slim waistline, too. Bravo!

Then I was totally taken in by a black cocktail dress with those mysterious hoods. This reminds me of the Bond girls from the very 90´s, specifically from Golden Eye with Pierce Brosnan (for me the most sexy Bond of all time). In such a dress not only that we will all handle any mission of everyday life but also attract every male eye in a 100-km radius - and not in a cheap way. I already know what to put on if I ever want to ask for a pay rise. (But I have to wait till I have a male boss ...ha ha ha!)

Ornella Koktová
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