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What do you think of when you hear luxury wine? France, Italy or Moravia? White, rose or red? Selection of grapes, late harvest, dry, sweet... We could go on like this forever.


Tereza Janatová
01.Jul 2016
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There is truly a vast range of luxury wines on the market that are worthwhile. Each of you surely has a few favourites that you like to reach for, but that can all change.  Which wines are the best in the world?

Just like gourmets have the Michelin Guide, wine lovers have their book 100 Vins du Mond (100 Wines of the World). It is a guide to the best wines, which proves that even the Czech Republic is among the global elite in this segment. For 2016, thirty Moravian wines were included in this selected. If you choose wines based on awards, this guide should be your reference point. The greatest success this year was registered by France, which has 255 wines, followed by Spain with 43 wines, Portugal with 29 wines and Italy with 16 wines.

And which is the top wine region in Europe?

Burgundy - France.

Who doesn’t know about Burgundy at least from hearsay is not a real wine connoisseur. Apparently, even the Celts and Romans like Burgundy. This area, with a typical rougher climate, produces 1.3 million hectolitres of wine every year. Varieties from Burgundy include white Chardonnay and red Pinot Noir.

Prodej bytu 2+kk (3+kk), Praha 3 Žižkov - 69m2
Prodej bytu 2+kk (3+kk), Praha 3 Žižkov - 69m2, Praha 3

Champagne - France

We will remain in France for a while yet, although on a somewhat different note. Only three varieties are permitted for the production of Champagne - Chardonnay, Pinot Meunieur and Pinot Noir.
France naturally has countless splendid wineries even in areas like Bordeaux and the Rhone Valley.

Douro Valley and Porto – Spain

Wines from the Douro Valley often appear in the top ranks of wine competitions and the region largely grows wines used to make port.
Porto is most commonly known because of port wine, which was originally exported only from this city. We can often find these wines in the top ranks of the best wines in the world.

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