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We certainly all know the Botanical Garden, but did you know that just a few minutes‘ walk away is the luxury Villa Salabka? This building is one of the oldest preserved estates in Troja and its area of 4.5 hectares gives it the proud distinction of being the largest vineyard in Prague.

Luxury vineyard estate - Salabka

Mgr. Jana Höger
18.Aug 2017
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The location of Villa Salabka

The Prague suburb of Troja is not only a place with an unbeatable location in the middle of luxurious greenery surrounded by gardens, parks, vineyards, living nature, fresh air and comfortable serenity, but also a place offering easy access to all services and amenities. This location is close to the city centre. It is in this stunning location that Villa Salabka is situated. 

Viniční usedlost Salabka
Nádherné vinice
Výhled, v pozadí zámek v Tróji

A look back into history

The first mention of the vineyard dates back to 1228. The greatest boom in wine growing at Salabka took place during the reign of Charles IV. The actual buildings of the estate itself date back most likely to the turn of the 16th and 17th centuries. This is the time when the surname of Salaba is first mentioned among the estate’s owners. The current name, however, dates back to the 18th century and is a reference of the most famous owner, Jan Kašpar Salaba. In the 19th century, besides the main building, the estate included a granary, a barn, as well as a farm building.

The entire complex was declared a cultural monument in 1948 and the vineyard was subsequently reconstructed. But it had to wait a few more decades for a complete restoration. The new owners embarked upon a conversion, with the promise of restoring the vineyard villa its luxurious charm. In the 1990s, the original purpose and life of the estate was gradually restored. Reconstruction work was performed on both the individual buildings as well the vineyards. Today, up to 15 luxury grape vine varieties are grown under the Salabka brand.

Luxusní byt Troja 137m
Luxusní byt Troja 137m, Praha 7

Luxury hillsides, luxury vineyard

The first mention of the Troja vineyard can be found in the archives of the St George’s Convent at the Prague Castle. The wine for our kings was cultivated here for generations. The modern history of the current Salabka vineyard began in 1953 - 1955. The vineyard, destroyed by the Communist regime, was saved with the help of Professor Vilém Kraus. It is thanks to him that we can taste the ”drink of the kings“.

What else can be found here?

In addition to the luxury Villa Salabka, a winery complete with a restaurant, this is also the location of the first Prague distillery. In addition, it is possible to combine your visit with an overnight stay at the local apartments. 

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