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Luxury vacations for your pets: You'd enjoy this, too!

Karolína Lišková
01.Aug 2019
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If you're the owner a sweet pet that you love above all else in the world, you've certainly been trying to find accommodation for your companion that would be no less luxurious than your own. After all, your dog or cat shouldn't be suffering in the backyard of your mother-in-law, while you're enjoying your well-deserved vacation under a palm tree with a drink in your hand.

The company and the all-day supply of unhealthy food could cause your pet a trauma, right? In the end, the care of an animal psychologist and dietitian would turn out to be more expensive than the most luxurious hotel in the Czech Republic.

And you have plenty to choose from. There are around 150 facilities across the country, willing to take superior care of your pet.

Prodej luxusního bytu, Praha 1 - Nové Město
Prodej luxusního bytu, Praha 1 - Nové Město, Praha 1

However, you need to make a reservation in time. In the summer and during Christmas, these establishments are bursting in the seams and reservations are being made weeks or months in advance.

VIP - Very Important Pets

The VIP hotel near Prague offers the best possible care for your dogs and cats. Each animal has its own room, and if interested, it can go out to play with the others, check out the 500 meter playroom or have a swim in the pool.

“In the summer, it's a blast for the dogs. Most dogs love water. It is built to be used by both small and large dogs,”

explained the owner of the VIP Hotel Tatiana Lisichkin.

Those who want real luxury for their pets can also pay extra for reflex or condition massages from a specialized physiotherapist or treatment in the local beauty salon.

One week stay for a large dog costs CZK 3600, food not included. The owners have to bring supplies. For another 70 crowns per day, cameras can be installed in your pet's room, so that you could watch it from any place in the world at any time.

Mikeš's domestic bliss

There is a slightly cheaper option as well. Family hotels with a long tradition, which don't offer any special services. According to the owners of hotel Mikeš in Prague, cats love spending time together, they would be sad if left on their own, so there's no need for large rooms with windows and a personal scratcher.

“It's stressful enough for them that they're not in their home environment. We cuddle and play with them but we definitely don't offer services such as massage or cosmetics,”

says daughter of the cat hotel owners Kristina Zejkanová. Moreover, their services cost only 140 crowns per day and 160 crowns per day with food included.

Will you look after my cobra?

Of course, even the owners of exotic animals like to go for a vacation every now and then. Some facilities are willing and able to take care of exotic animals, but the owners usually prefer to solve the problem by finding a pet-sitter. Opponents of hotels, who are concerned about the animals being kept in cubicles, also go for this option. However, individual petsitting of basically any animal is everything but cheap. For a week's care, the price can often climb up to ten thousand.

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