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You do not have to just end up with water skis, scooters or surfboards. Unleash your imagination and allow yourself to be captivated with sea toys - such asSeabob, Seabreacher and Jetovator. Can you be lured into an underwater ride on a dolphin-like toy?

A Luxury Summer with Sea Toys!

Mgr. Jana Höger
04.Aug 2017
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Are you a fan of the James Bond action scenes? You are very lucky, because it is just this kind of adrenaline that you are most likely to experience. Water sports at Cayago AG come with Seabob. This sea toy can be likened to an underwater scooter which allows you to glide on and above the water and also can provide a sensual journey into the undersea world. Using modern, lightweight construction, the Seabob weighs between 29 and 35 kg, depending of course on the model. The Seabob F5 weighs 29 kilograms, but it has the power of 480 Newtons.

Each of these undersea vehicles is equipped with two individual FULL HD cameras for documenting your playful tricks and for taking luxurious underwater selfies. One of them is anchored to the nose of the vehicle. Since both cameras are connected to LAN technology, Seabob is able to send your photos and shots directly to your own phone!


Do not let yourself be fooled; this sea toy looks like a luxurious predator of the ocean, but in fact it is a submersible vessel that is constructed in the shape of a sea creature. You can choose between a shark, a whale or a dolphin; it's totally up to you. These toys are able to dive as far as up to five feet deep and they can also jump to an impressive height. Thereby you can admire the water world or undertake stunt tricks when you suddenly happen to find that your vessel is above the water level. The vessel is actually driven by two ribs on the sides that are controlled by joysticks. The tail takes-on the role of the rudder and it is then controlled by pedals.

Luxusní byt se zahradou Praha 7 - 106m
Luxusní byt se zahradou Praha 7 - 106m, Praha 7


Vessel, Submarine or Aeroplane? The Jetovator is a combination of an elegant fuselage from a racing motorcycle that has the capabilities of a jet. This sea toy is powered by water and it can take you to up to nine metres above sea level but it also dives up to a depth of three metres and develops a speed of 40 kilometres per hour. The Jetovator is so energetic that you can make up to 360 degrees turns on it and play other luxury tricks.

Is now the time to try it out ?!

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