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A love of the sea, technology and flawless design led Fabia Perini to create the ultimate luxury yachts in the world together with his team.

No woman could resist men with Perini Navi super yachts

Eva Ledecká
29.Nov 2016
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The Perini Navi brand was born of the intuition, creativity, resilience and technical expertise of its founder Fabio Perini.


A genius with a love of the sea

Fabio Perini was born into a family which owned a paper mill and when he was only 7 years old, he invented a machine which was able to automatically stretch felt used in production of paper. A miracle child? Probably, as this was his first in a long series of subsequent patents.

Fabia Perini’s great love was not however paper, but the sea. He loved sailing, but it bothered him that there were no big enough sailing boats to suit his needs. So he started to work on production of the yacht of his dreams.

Prodej luxusní vily, Praha 4 - Kunratice
Prodej luxusní vily, Praha 4 - Kunratice, Praha 4

Perini Navi was originally only a design and engineering studio which engaged in sale of large sailing boats. Five years later, it started to produce boats which later came to represent the ultimate in luxury.

It is worth waiting for Navi Perini yachts

Starting out is always difficult and this company did of course also have its own share of difficulties. But today, you see before you a world leader in the field of design and construction of luxury super yachts. This is thanks to the high quality, exceptional luxury, comfort and elegance of the yachts which are manufactured and which there is still a huge amount of interest in. Super yachts have experienced a revival thanks to Perini Navi, as large sailing boats seemed to be on the verge of extinction during the last century.

A trio of luxury yachts: Syboris, Perseus^3 and Dahlak

We bring you photographs of 3 luxury super yachts which came from the workshop of Perini Navi. The Syboris yacht is the absolute ruler of the seas with its length of 70 metres. The luxury Perseus^3 measures 60 metres and, the same as the Syboris, the yacht is equipped with a flawless modern interior. The last pictures in our gallery are of a no-less-luxurious beauty in the form of the smaller Dahlak, which is 38 metres in length.

Future owners have to wait sometimes even several years for their ultra-modern luxury yachts, although the enjoyment of sailing luxury yachts like this which only Perini Navi are capable of building is worth the wait.

In 2007, the Perini Navi Group entered the motor yacht sector with the newly renovated Picchiotti brand and the whole new Vitruvius® series of Picchiotti Motor Yachts. The company also promises new innovations in the future and we are certainly curious to see what surprises maestro Perini has in store for us.


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