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Once the food of the poor, nowadays regarded as a delicacy. Until the 19th century, lobster had the reputation of being a disgusting sea insect. Thank God a few true gourmets appeared back then, thanks to whom lobster meat started to be regarded as a luxury.

Luxury on a plate: lobster

Eva Ledecká
28.Dec 2016
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The lobster soup

Lobster has been known since the times when the Europeans colonised America. At that time, there were so many of them by the shore that instead of fishing for them, people just picked them out of the water. Due to the great number of them, they were in some places eaten every day by prisoners and immigrants who were literally forced to do so. That which we nowadays regard as a luxurious delicacy was treated with disdain in the past and people refused to put it in their mouths.


Lobster on the plate
Delicious lobster

Luxury lobster meat

It looks complicated, is simple to prepare and tastes delicious. This is how contemporary foodies describe lobster. They forget slightly about how complicated it actually is to eat lobster, but this minor failing is negligible for each and every gourmet when rewarded with a massive ecstasy of flavour.

A little advice for beginners at this point: Bend the lobster backwards, removing the tail from the rest of the body. Press out the delicious meat from the tail section of the shell with the aid of a fork. Remove the claws and break them open with a lobster cracker. Now break open the lobster lengthwise and remove the remaining delicious meat from it.

Byt k prodeji u řeky Praha 8 - 94m
Byt k prodeji u řeky Praha 8 - 94m, Praha 8

Live lobster in your kitchen

You can of course find live lobster in the Czech Republic and you can prepare it yourself at home. The best meat is to be found on a lobster which weighs 1 – 1.5 kg and there should be a large gap between the shell and the head. The lobster is killed before being prepared, not by being thrown into boiling water. You buy it live, kill it by quickly stabbing it in the head, cut it in half and remove the entrails. You then boil the meat. Lobster is served with thick sauces or used to prepare luxury salads and cocktails. It is also excellent fried in oil with garlic and lemon.

In Prague, you can for example enjoy it in the Hliněná bašta restaurant in Průhonice, where they will fish it directly out of their aquarium for you. Royal Fish & Seafood Supplies is a Czech company engaged in delivery of fresh fish to restaurants and shops. All of their sea fish and freshwater fish as well as seafood is imported from Denmark, Holland, France and England.

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