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Relax, take a deep breath of exotic aromas, listen to some pleasant sounds and allow yourself to be carried away by the hand movements of professional masseurs. Treat yourself to a luxury massage, imparting new energy to your muscles and your mind.

Luxury massages for harmonisation of the body and mind

Eva Ledecká
12.Jan 2017
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Massages are as old as humanity itself. The ancient Chinese used to give themselves massages every morning to combat the common cold and as prevention against any health problems as far back as 3000 BC. Athletes would certainly not achieve their superb performance levels without regular massages and some people would find it much more difficult to even move around without them. 

Face and neck massage
Essential oils for aromatherapy massage
Special massages

Massages are not however intended only for athletes and people with health problems. We should all treat ourselves to massages as they have beneficial effects on our muscles, joints and psyche. It just depends what type of massage you choose. But whichever one you opt for, it is certain to be a liberating and luxurious affair.

Conventional massage

This is the basic form of massage which is not in any way painful and pleasantly relaxes muscle tension. It helps when your muscles are stiff and is able to provide relief for headaches.

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Sports massage

This is not only intended for athletes. On the contrary, it is also suitable for people who are not very active at all. It increases the metabolism in the muscles, stretches the connective tissue, relieves muscle pain, fatigue and stress.

Relaxation massage

This type of massage harmonises mental and muscle tension and is a very gentle massage during which essential oils are often used.

Honey massage

The ideal anti-stress massage which also removes toxins from the body. This is extremely suitable during cleansing detoxification courses of treatment, as the honey works directly in a curative manner on the body via the skin.

Indian anti-stress massage

This is a luxurious and very pleasant massage of the head, neck and shoulders which relieves stress and all tension. During this type of massage, you will relax wonderfully, improve your thinking and overall concentration.

Thai foot massage

Thai massages tend to be painful and unpleasant for some people. On the contrary, other people find them very beneficial and pleasant. Thai massage is certainly worth trying, as it is able to wonderfully stretch the muscles and joints. Thai foot massages tend to be popular, relieving stress and having a very relaxing effect. They relieve pain and fatigue of the feet and the head as well as having a positive impact on varicose veins.

Apart from the massages mentioned above, there are lots and lots of other ones. As many as 100 different types of massage are mentioned in total. Famous ones include massage using hot lava stones, aroma massages, chocolate massages and massages of the face and neck etc.

Put your tense body in the hands of the professionals and enjoy this luxurious form of relaxation.

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