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Luxury living in Prague - New listings

24.Mar 2021
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Romantická ložnice

Y&T Luxury Property - Luxury Apartments Prague, number one among real estate agencies, focuses on the sale and rental of luxury apartments, villas, family and apartment buildings, offices and retail space in the most lucrative parts of Prague.

This time we have some very interesting interiors for you, which are sure to attract your attention at first sight.

One of them is this spacious apartment just a few steps from Heroldovy sady. In addition to the tastefully furnished interior, it will also please you with its airiness and elegance. Naturally, the living room has a fireplace to warm you during cold evenings, as well as a large balcony, whose orientation towards the courtyard ensures you'll be able to enjoy quiet and sunlit breakfasts in the fresh air.

If you prefer large spaces, but wish to rent a place rather than buy one, make sure to have a look at this timeless duplex apartment. In addition to the ingeniously designed interior, which is sure to captivate everyone who loves modern simplicity, it also offers a beautiful view from two terraces. The designers didn't forget to include a fireplace that adds a touch of cosiness to the large living room.

If large spaces are not your cup of tea and you would prefer something smaller, we'd like to draw your attention to this cosy 1-bedroom apartment available for rent in the popular locality of Prague 2. A hint of pastel colours in the interior evokes a pleasant feeling of well-being and peace as you step in. There is also a glass shower, which adds uniqueness to the entire bedroom.

Is your family a little larger? Would you prefer having a garden and you're looking for a place to rent? We have a beautiful villa for you in Nebušice. Thanks to the 5-bedroom layout, it is perfect for a multi-member family. The previously mentioned garden together with a terrace create the atmosphere of a quiet country house, but thanks to the villa's location, you'll always have easy access to the centre of all things.

All this and much more can be found in the Y&T Luxury Property offer here.

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Luxusní byt na prodej Praha 10 - Vršovice 157m
Luxusní byt na prodej Praha 10 - Vršovice 157m, Praha 10

Mezonetový byt na pronájem Praha 10-159m
Mezonetový byt na pronájem Praha 10-159m, Praha 10

Byt na pronájem na Praze 2 - 50m
Byt na pronájem na Praze 2 - 50m, Praha 2

Vila na pronájem v Nebušicích-180m
Vila na pronájem v Nebušicích-180m, Praha 6

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