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Luxury, jewellery worth a million, and musical stars at the Czech ball

Jana Fikotová
03.Feb 2019
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Ivana Vítová, Jan Čenský, Tereza Mátlová

Who hasn’t been at the Czech ball, hasn’t truly lived. The night at the Obecní dům (Municipal House) certainly wasn’t a disappointment. You could find Veronika Chmelířová or Veronika Kašáková among the famous figures on the dance floor. The event was hosted by Iveta Vítová and Jan Čenský.

The most expensive jewellery of the night were adorning the TV host Nikol Moravcová

‚I’m delighted. I have such expensive jewellery, so now I myself feel quite expensive,’ Nikol, who is currently pregnant, admitted.

Her attire was made up of the luxury dress OUI Prague, which she had tailored to fit, a pochette by Jimmy Choo, and jewellery by Gucci with amethysts and diamonds, worth more than a million Czech crowns.

Vila na prodej - Klánovice - 465m
Vila na prodej - Klánovice - 465m, Praha 9

The famous fashion designer, Osmany Laffita, wasn’t missing at the ball, and he came to the ball in a very luxurious outfit.

‚When there is a dress code, you have to comply with it, no matter what happens.’ he said, claiming there were still some individuals, who had come absolutely inadequately dressed.

On the other hand, Zdeňka Žádníková-Volencová, took the opportunity of the ball to have a great night out with her friend accompanied with good food and drink. Despite the fact, that not even one had a date, they had a great time on the dance floor.

The model Pavlína Němcová also loves to dance, she wore a retro black lace garment. She had contested in the television competition StarDance, and claims to be a good dancer of waltz.

What could the guests look forward to at the Municipal House on Sunday?

A very luxurious menu. For example, a marinated salmon with lemon mayonnaise, goat cheese mousse, steak tartare, French ham or duck. For dessert there was mango cake, panna cotta, or ice-cream sorbets.

The entertainment-rich program of the night was followed through by the singers Michal David, Monika Absolonová, Martin Chodúr, Jitka Zelenková, Tereza Mátlová and Danyl Johnson, and Boom Band of Jiří Dvořák.

Our fashion editorial focused on the outfits of the famous figures at the ball, and you can read the results of the assessments in the article here: Czech Ball 2019: Beautiful Moravcová as well as the Fashion Police of Žádníková-Volencová! The most expensive jewellry was adorning the TV host Nikol Moravcová

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