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The main purpose of Feng Shui is to achieve balance. This ancient Chinese doctrine helps us to feel balanced in the luxury surroundings which we spend our time in. So, how can we help to ensure the correct flow of energy in our interior?

Luxury interiors in line with the principles of Feng Shui

Eva Ledecká
15.Jan 2017
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Bathroom according Feng Shui

Feng Shui is a Chinese doctrine more than 3,000 years old which asserts that the orientation and position of our home and the layout of the interior has an impact on our feelings and also influences our behaviour. Let’s take a look at the interior and immediate surroundings of our luxury houses or flats to see whether they correspond to the principles of Feng Shui.

Luxury arrival in our kingdom

Feng Shui claims that it is very important to have the area in front of the entrance properly clean and in an absolutely perfect condition. The path to the entrance should undulate gently (this corresponds more to natural shapes), be lit and perfectly swept.

The entrance hall must be clean and a small table with a plant should ideally be located there. Not only there, but also throughout the whole of the interior, cut or dried flowers are not recommended. Flowers or plants in a plant pot are appropriate and ones which do not have spiky leaves should be chosen.

Luxusní dům na prodej, okolí Prahy - 298m
Luxusní dům na prodej, okolí Prahy - 298m, Okolí Prahy

Positioning of furniture to achieve harmony

According to Feng Shui, we should above all pay attention to the location of mirrors, which should be oval and free from complicated ornamentation. There should be no mirror in front of the main entrance or opposite the bed in the bedroom.

Furniture should be positioned into curves, a circle or an octagon. Seats should always point towards a door. Having a lot of furniture and objects is also not an especially desirable state of affairs. The dominant feature of the living room should be a fireplace, ideally in the corner. According to this Chinese doctrine, we should sit with our back to the wall with a view of the door in the office. As far as the kitchen is concerned, the cooker should not be too close to the sink and while cooking, the person doing the cooking should look out into open space.

In general, it is important to choose luxury items for your interior, items which are of value, of a high quality and which last for a long time.

Feng Shui: colour combinations

The basic and most popular Feng Shui colours are red, white, black and gold. You can’t go wrong with a combination of these colours and will bring about harmony and a positive mood in your luxury interior.

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