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Natali Ruden’s spectacular multimedia fashion show entitled Ocean took place on 1. 6. 2017 in Forum Karlín. We saw luxury clothing designs and experienced the unique atmosphere of an underwater sea world. The music was in perfect harmony with the models and the choreography.

The luxury fashion event of 2017, Natali Ruden - OCEAN

Mgr. Jana Höger
02.Jun 2017
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Natali Ruden, Ocean

This singular ocean-themed fashion show that made one feel emotions and long for beautiful clothes included visually expressive sets in the shape of boats, water, and sails. It began with dramatic music and clear, falling water – a refreshing waterfall. Natali Ruden introduced her Ocean collection of luxury clothes with a broad color palette, including white, blue, yellow etc. and various cuts with modern cutouts. Her pants, „hot pants“ in the style of shorts with fabric decorating their ends were a highlight. Her sailor’s clothes in typical white and blue stripes also stood out. A classic that never goes out of style. But the absolute highlight of the fashion show were dresses worn with luxury accessories such as headbands imitating corals, pearls, starfish, and shells that proudly adorned the models Andrea Verešová, Nicol Švantnerová, Gabriela Kratochvílová, Monika Leová, Kateřina Klausová, Veronika Chmelířová, and Tereza Jelínková. 

Dazzled by the grace and style of the queen of fabrics

The Ocean fashion show was all about light, airy fabrics that evoked the summer vacation coming soon – oceans, seas, blue skies, relaxation, and peaceful thoughts. The luxury fabric that ruled the show was silk. This rare fabric is made exclusively for Natali Ruden and is the best choice for hot summer days. Modern technology, which touches practically everything in our lives, is also used to produce the fabric.

And who was the queen of the night? Designer Natali Ruden, of course, who deserves rousing thanks and an eternal standing ovation!

Luxusní byt na prodej s terasou a výhledem
Luxusní byt na prodej s terasou a výhledem, Praha 1
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