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Luxurious photos that provoke, are sexy, and invoke strong emotions. Their author Philippe Shangti calls attention to the imperfections and current threats to our world.

Luxury, Drugs, and the End of the World.

Eva Ledecká
20.Jun 2017
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Luxury overdose

It was 2006 when the young model with a head full of unique projects moved from his birthplace in Toulouse to Saint-Tropez, a city full of excesses. That is where his buoyant imagination gained a fixed form. 

Luxurious restaurants and nights full of bizarre parties

He met Joseph Geenen, an owner of numerous restaurants and bars in Saint-Tropez. In spite of his ambition to create a new clothing brand, Philippe Shangti was allured by Joseph’s offer to create a new restaurant in St. Tropez. That is how the legendary and unique “The Quai” came to be – a restaurant located in the harbor area of this mythical city.

Philippe then invests all of his energy and talent into the famous nights in Saint-Tropez and their crazy parties. It’s exactly the world of nights, its players and their excesses which inspire Philippe to use his creativity and talent, leading him to the other side of the camera lens. The non-conformist restaurant is decorated by the luxurious photos he took.

Prodej rodinného domu, Praha 10 Záběhlice
Prodej rodinného domu, Praha 10 Záběhlice, Praha 10

Photos which show the harsh reality of the current world

Philippe Shangti creates provocative photographs that lead to the discovery of another view of the reality of our lives. He does not spare his audience and even though some of his work is quite sad and without any “subtlety”, the artistic feelings and talent are constant and visible at first sight.

Pollution, prostitution, drug and luxury overdose

Philippe Shangti does not shy away from controversial topics and tries to remove all taboos. His luxurious photographs include topics such as drugs, prostitutions, destruction of the planet or unhealthy amounts of luxury.

No Pollution Here 2017

This year he introduced the newest collection of photographs called No Pollution Here, which point to the urgency of the situation and focuses on how our future could look like if we do not act fast. Planet Earth is facing its doom, women in the photograph are the last witnesses of this apocalyptic world and fight nail-and-tooth to stay alive… see our gallery.

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