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The luxury design piece: the Bon Jour Versailles lamp will take your breath away!

Eva Ledecká
10.Jan 2018
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From time to time are created some really unique pieces of art, perfect designs accentuated by the cleanest of all materials. And here is one of them! Welcome to the scene this exclusive piece, participated upon by Baccarat, Flos and Philippe Starck!

The completely unique design was created thanks to the cooperation of the leading crystal manufacturer Baccarat, Flos lighting and the best current designer, Philippe Starck. The Bon Jour Versailles lamp is a mix of the craft know-how, refined artistic taste and, of course, precise workmanship.   

Bon Jour Versailles and Philippe Starck
Bon Jour Versailles
Royal coat-of-arms

This is a stylish lamp created through the marriage of design implementation of the earlier Bon Jour lighting (behind which stands the Flos brand and designer Phillip Starck) with the luxurious design of a Baccarat candlestick.

Innovative LED technology, elegantly dressed

At first glance your attention is captured by the luxurious, transparent crystal stand, whose lines are reminiscent of the iconic Baccarat pieces. The Bon Jour Versailles lamp is crowned by a glossy chrome plate. Thanks to the innovative LED technology Edge Lighting developed by Flos and the elegant shade of pleated fabrics gives off warm, organic light. The lamp itself, enveloped in luxurious light, looks as if it is talking to you.

Luxusní byt na prodej Praha - 320m
Luxusní byt na prodej Praha - 320m, Praha 5

Light more beautiful than sunshine

In this unique design you may observe timeless state-of-the-art lines as well as a certain reflection of the noble past. In fact the unique piece was really inspired by history, namely a certain king, to whom relates the following legend.

This notoriously-known monarch lived at the Versailles palace and one day he had a vision: he saw a glimmer of a new, magical light, completely different from the solar one, which completely bathed the Hall of Mirrors. He dreamed of this light and even had it incorporated into his royal coat-of-arms. It was the Sun King, Louis XIV.

A few centuries later this light has become reality: it came to life through the luxury lamp Bon Jour Versailles!

The lamp is available in luxurious crystal and in a more accessible polymethacrylate version, but which, thanks to the material used certainly loses nothing of its charm and originality. Both variants are considered to be design pieces worthy of admiration.


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