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You can delight yourself or your loved ones with a book. Finding time for quality reading which interests you, enriches you and teaches you something – this is precisely what we hope to inspire you to do via our book tips. We have some tips for truly luxurious reading.

Luxury Christmas reading: adventure, art and meaty delicacies

Eva Ledecká
13.Dec 2016
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Museum of Art book

The unique Museum of Art book 

The Universum publishing house has come up with a true artistic gem in luxury book form. In its 992 large-format pages, Museum of Art presents 2,700 masterful works of art from all over the world. This is a unique book, the origins of which are to be found with Richard Schlagman, owner of the prestigious Phaidon publishing house, who came up with the idea of creating a unique book like this. Work on it took 10 years and you too can now set out to visit a global museum of art through this book. You can now become acquainted with that which you would probably not manage your whole life thanks to this phenomenal book. You will find here old manuscripts, luxurious famous statues, installations and pictures, all of this in the corridors, galleries and special exhibitions of this unique printed museum.

The Count of Monte Cristo
Meat book
Museum of Art book

The Count of Monte Cristo

Treat yourself to a full-on dose of adventure with the luxury famous story of the Count of Monte Cristo. In this historical adventure novel, you will in passing get to know Napoleon himself and become acquainted with a secret letter. The story will take you to prison where Edmond Dantès (the future Count of Monte Cristo) is held unjustly for 14 years. But he does find there a friend who teaches him a lot and before his death, tells Dantès of a secret treasure on the island of Monte-Cristo.

Have fun with the artful manner in which Edmond manages to escape from prison and acquire the treasure. Accompany him then at last to his hometown of Marseille where he starts to hatch plans for his revenge...

The story of Monte Cristo was written by Alexandre Dumas and the book has been made into many films, plays and musicals. The Knižní klub publishing house is now offering the whole set in a 3-volume edition with illustrations by Adolf Born. The set is delivered in a luxury gift box.

Luxusní mezonet se zahradou Praha 6 - 491m
Luxusní mezonet se zahradou Praha 6 - 491m, Praha 6

Meat: a book full of...meat

Delight lovers of luxuriously prepared meat. The book from the Ikar publishing house with the unambiguous name Meat provides a voluminous amount of information elaborated in a form which is very attractive for the reader. It is divided into chapters according to the individual types of meat, in which it introduces the reader to issues of portioning, roasting and other methods of preparation accompanied by luxurious photographs and delicious recipes from all over the world.

Information is also provided here about which knives to buy for your kitchen, what quality of meat depends on and how to recognise good quality meat. Become a master of meat and enjoy practising your culinary arts.

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