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Cars are an integral part of our everyday lives. Be honest. Which of you could imagine a normal day without your car?


Tereza Janatová
01.Jul 2016
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Unconventional and luxury cars from the world’s best brands will surprise you with their beauty, comfort and equipment, which you won’t find elsewhere.

Are you luxury for luxury cars that would suit you perfectly? Do you have a preferred brand or are you just starting to find yourself in this world? Whether you prefer sports cars or large and opulent family vehicles, you are sure to choose from luxury cars. Luxury cars boast timeless design, the most advanced technologies and the professional service that dealers of these cars are sure to offer.


Until this March, S-class Mercedes cars demonstrated their prowess and leadership as the best-selling luxury cars, but this year the BMW 7 series has caught up and taken their place. However, if we add luxury sports cars to limousines, then there is absolute equality between these two brands.

Luxusní vila na prodej, Dolní Měcholupy - 616m
Luxusní vila na prodej, Dolní Měcholupy - 616m, Praha 10

You will also find luxury cars by Porsche, Ferrari, the legendary Lamborghini or super-luxury Rolls-Royce on our roads. No expense is spared on luxury cars in the Czech Republic.


We may have to wait a while yet for driverless cars, but those who are not used to luxury cars and drive them may discover how independent luxury cars already are. What can today’s cars do alone? Maintain speed, move slowly in traffic jams, maintain a safe distance from other cars, stop in front of a car or pedestrian, parallel and perpendicular parking, control skids, maintain speed limits... and that is just a small list of all the functions. Luxury cars are equipped with modern technologies more than you’d expect.


For many of you, retro cars are symbol of kitsch and the past, which has long been forgotten. But for some, retro cars are luxury cars with a history and they are not afraid to spend millions on them. These cars have style, elegance and it is not an exception for the given car to be the last of its kind on earth.

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