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Imagine that you and 39 of your friends are staying in a large luxury hotel which all of a sudden takes off and takes you anywhere in the world in under 17 hours. You can experience precisely this in a private Boeing 787-8 aircraft.

The unparalleled interior of the Boeing 787-8 luxury aircraft

Eva Ledecká
13.Jun 2017
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Big bed in luxurious apartament

Come and have a look with us at the unique interior of this flying hotel, which will surprise you with its space and luxurious fittings. 

Please enter the hall of luxury!

You enter the aircraft via a round foyer which leads to a luxury VIP suite, designed in such a way as to be completely independent from its surroundings.

The bedroom has been designed as an oasis of silence. The noise level in the room in flight does not exceed 50 decibels, which is on par with a quiet suburban home. The room is topped off with an extremely comfortable large bed.

Luxusní penthouse na Praze 1 - 226m
Luxusní penthouse na Praze 1 - 226m, Praha 1

The massive bathroom is inlaid with marble and includes a spacious shower as well as a heated marble floor in some sections. This luxurious flying apartment also has a gigantic dressing room, refrigerator and safe. The suite is connected with the hall by a corridor designed in a modern style with vertical waves.

Main lounge for relaxation and work

If you were to continue on down the corridor, you would soon find yourself in the main lounge of the aircraft. In order to create an open and airy feeling, the room is not divided into sections. Instead of this, designers decided to only separate individual parts of the space optically with the aid of different coloured furniture.

Take a seat in a comfortable armchair and turn towards the front of the aircraft, where you can watch your favourite programmes on a 55-inch flat screen. Further seats are also located along the sides of this central screen with 24-inch screens.

A luxury work environment

While looking at the rear of the aircraft, your eyes will come to rest on two divans which can be transformed into comfortable day beds or used to create dining or conference space. This luxurious section is the perfect place for a business meeting or for other work activities.

There is of course also space for guests on board the aircraft with 18 full-flat, first-class sleeper seats. Right behind these is a row of six premium economy seats for the staff. You will find 5 toilets on board.

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