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Already on 9th March there will be the premiere of a new film entitled “Masaryk”, directed by Julius Ševčík. Who really was the great speaker and supreme diplomat Jan Masaryk, who, in the film, is played by Karel Roden, and what can we anticipate will emerge from this new film?

Luxury on the Big Screen: “Masaryk”

Eva Ledecká
18.Feb 2017
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The exclusive pre-premiere of the new Czech-Slovak film took place in October last year and it will be presented to the public in cinemas on the 9th March. The film will be nominated for the Czech Lion award. 

Jan Masaryk

Jan Masaryk, the son of the first Czechoslovak President Tomáš Garrigue Masaryk, was one of the most prominent Czechoslovakian diplomats during the first half of the 20th Century. There is talk of him as having been a politician with the soul of an extravagant artist who loved life and women. From 1925 to 1938 he was the Czech Ambassador in London, while in the years 1944-1945 he was both the Minister of National Defence and the Minister of Finance in his homeland.

What information will the new film uncover for us?

The film takes us to the time-period prior to the 2nd World War, which Jan Masaryk spent primarily in the UK. His aim was to succeed in getting the world powers onto the Czechoslovak side.

Luxusní vila na prodej - Klánovice - 465m
Luxusní vila na prodej - Klánovice - 465m, Praha 9

The film also reveals his personal life, which, in addition to travelling was also widely associated with alcohol, drugs and self-abuse. For some time Masaryk virtually disappeared from the world and the manner of his death still remains a big unknown. He died on the night of the 9th March 1948 at his home in Czernin Palace, and it is still unclear whether his death was caused by an accident, by murder or by suicide.

In addition to Karel Roden, who played Jan Masaryk super-elegantly, the film features the acting of Oldřich Kaiser in the role of Edvard Beneš and of Jiří Vyorálek in the role of Conrad Henlein. In the film we also get to see the famous model Eva Herzigova.

The film was produced by the IN Film Company and Rudolf Biermann and was attended by many foreign actors. The co-producers of the film are Czech Television, RTVS (Radio and Television Slovakia) and ZDF/Arte. In the Czech Republic the distributor of the film is the Bioscop Company.

Enjoy this sumptuous entertainment that is imbued with great performances on the silver screen!

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