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Beautiful healthy, radiant skin and shiny hair have been a sign of youth since time immemorial. But how can we achieve these superlatives without using the unhealthy chemicals which the majority of cosmetic products contain? The luxury Grown Alchemist brand is the answer!

Luxury Australian Grown Alchemist cosmetics in Prague

Ivana Růžičková
15.Dec 2016
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Anti-aging cosmetics Grown Alchemist: interesting concept and modern packaging

Finally also available in the Czech Republic 

Grown Alchemist is a luxury Australian brand specialising in particular on anti-aging products for the skin, body and hair. These products will finally be launched on our market this month, in particular thanks to the famous hairdressing salon Stolen in Prague 5 where the products will be available.

A new generation of organic skincare

Grown Alchemist is not just another brand of white cosmetics. It is a new generation of organic skincare and is represented by products containing only natural ingredients. The revolutionary new technologies are based on a traditional approach to anti-aging methods, created through the interplay of nature and laboratory research. The symbiosis of nature and research is part of this brand’s philosophy. Not only do the producers care about their products being environmentally friendly, they also radically refuse to test then on animals, so all of their products are created only on a plant basis. It is finally possible to achieve real results without harmful chemicals and even vegans can use them with peace of mind.

How does nature help beauty?

The active substances collagen and elastin, peptides, hyaluronic acid and powerful antioxidants are the best-known transformation components contained in the skincare formulae of the luxury Grown Alchemist brand. Despite the fact that the above-mentioned ingredients sound more like they come straight from a chemistry textbook, all of the components are completely plant-based in origin and duly certified as organic products. The effective natural active substances significantly improve the results without using harmful artificial chemicals. But how is this possible you ask.

Prodej luxusního bytu, Praha 1 - Nové Město
Prodej luxusního bytu, Praha 1 - Nové Město, Praha 1

The answer is to be found in biology. Our body automatically recognises the molecular structures of natural formulae and instead of rejecting them, the body in fact utilises them. Grown Alchemist and its luxury cosmetics pharmacies based in London, Paris and Australia, including a team of researchers, are constantly trying to perfect their formulae in order to achieve the perfect results. Products by this luxury brand promise effectiveness and visible results after only a month of use thanks to regeneration of the body’s cells. The skin thus gains a better structure and more beautiful healthier appearance.

You must try the Grown Alchemist best seller on your skin

As the absolute best seller and one of the most effective products, we recommend the NEW - AGE-REPAIR+ INTENSIVE MOISTURISER WHITE TEA, PHYTO-PEPTIDE hydration cream. The result is even visible after a single use. Your skin will be hydrated, fresher and brighter.

Brand philosophy

Beauty is not only superficial. Beauty also comes from within and we don’t mean the spirit. A combination of factors such as correct diet and hydration, healthy digestion, balance of bacteria in the bowels for correct absorption of nutrients, emotional stability, getting enough sleep, a non-harmful environment, getting enough light to absorb vitamin D, the absence of stress, forgiveness, self-acceptance and meditation are able to ensure incredible results in slowing down the process of the skin’s aging. If even one of the above-mentioned factors is disturbed, this also exhibits itself on the skin. We cannot however always fully influence this. This is why it is important to provide the skin nutrients on the surface too using the right products.

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