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Ladies in beautiful clothes and striking hats, elegantly attired gentlemen, thundering hooves of top-form horses and excitement from the game brings, in conjunction with luxurious catering, an unforgettable experience. Will you indulge in it, too?

Luxurious Saturday with Prague Polo Cup Awaits you as early as 8th September!

Eva Ledecká
22.Aug 2018
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Prague Polo Cup 2017

Although September means the end of summer holidays, at the same time the calendar becomes populated by new cultural and social events. One of them is the luxury Prague Polo Cup, which takes place on 6. - 8. September at the farm in Levín u Benešova. It is intended for the general public and definitely is worth the visit. Why? You can find out now!

Polo is a royal game, but above all a highly prestigious event, participated upon by notable personalities from the social sphere, horse lovers as well as people who just want to spend free time with friends or family at a beautiful, untraditional spot. The Prague Polo Cup is now to be held at the farm Levín u Benešova as early as from Thursday 6. September, but the great finals, which is the most anticipated event, is always held two days later, on Saturday. You can look forward to a luxurious garden party!

What will happen on the day of the great finals?

In particular it will be the final battle in which the best team is to win. Will it be the Oaks, Veuve Clicquot, Alchymist or Stars Events? Let´s see and let the best team win!

The tournament starts at 12:00 with luxury catering accompanying the exciting event. A welcome drink is a matter of course!

Luxusní vila na prodej, Dolní Měcholupy - 616m
Luxusní vila na prodej, Dolní Měcholupy - 616m, Praha 10

Entertainment in the form of ancient traditions!

Horse polo is such an old game that it is considered to be the first sport in the history of mankind! And therefore it entails certain traditions that should be honoured. One of them is replacing of divots between tournaments, which is a task performed by visitors, but don´t worry, it is a fun and no sweat! The second tradition is the mandatory ladies´ dress code. Can you guess? Yes, it is elegant hats. The bigger, decorated, bolder and extravagant, the better! If you are painstaking about it, you can win a prize for the most beautiful hat of all!

Put down the date in your diary: 8th September, Garden Party Prague Polo Cup, farm in Levín, Hvězdonice 53, Benešov.


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Prague Polo Cup 2018
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