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What is the symbol of the French capital in addition to the famous Eiffel Tower? Paris cafés! Come with us for a journey filled with the scent of coffee! Just snap your fingers!

At a Luxurious Paris Café at a Snap of your Fingers

Eva Ledecká
12.Dec 2018
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Luxurious Parisian coffee

Mature trees, picturesque square, small coffee tables. Elegantly-attired ladies and gentlemen with beautiful hats enjoying their cup of coffee. That is a Parisian image that everyone is familiar with, and not only from pictures of famous French painters. Cafés are simply a part of Paris. They have luxurious interiors and walls which could tell thousands of stories - of love, mystery and also tales of great sadness.

Nespresso Gourmandise Parisian - this is the password that makes it possible to instantly tune to this atmosphere. Even in a living room of a house somewhere in a small village in Central Bohemia. Believe us that it works.

The scent of coffee in the legendary Café de la Paix

The limited edition of Parisian Gourmandise from Nespresso was created in cooperation with well-known interior designer, India Mahdavi, and apart from the delicious coffee, Variations, it also includes a collection of rounded white coffee cups.

Do you know the famous Café de la Paix at Opera Garnier? In its time one could have met here with such personalities as novelist Émile Zola or Guy de Maupassant. Even the future King Edward VII. of England came here to enjoy a cup of coffee! And do you know why? We were of course unable to ask them, but we think that in addition to the luxury interiors they were all attracted by the amazing scent of coffee and all the alluring delicacies which are served here. When you smell the Nespresso coffee from the Variations edition, you will recognise also the scent of pralines or the famous Paric macaroons ... exactly like at Café de la Paix!

Prodej exkluzivní vily, Praha 4 - Kunratice
Prodej exkluzivní vily, Praha 4 - Kunratice, Praha 4

Pralines and macaroons as the Christmas flavour

The Praliné flavour is concealed in the capsule of fine violet colour, the Macaron flavour in one of light pistachio. You can try it out yourself; close your eyes and you are there in an instant: in the heart of beautiful Paris! Such is the little magic trick of Christmas Nespresso.

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