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In today’s world of modern technologies that keep going forward, we see watches do more than just measure the time; they are becoming an integral part of our lives. And moreover, now you can do sports with watches without any restrictions, and getting wet on your way from work or spontaneously jumping into the pool are no longer a problem.

A Luxurious Necessity – Apple Watch Series 2

Mgr. Jana Höger
09.Oct 2016
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Apple Watch Series 2

Water has been tamed

Waterproofness is the primary feature that was added in this version of the Apple Watch, and this indeed brings the product to a completely new level. These watches are made of polished stainless 316L steel, up to 80 percent harder than standard steel. This material is also more resistant to scratches and corrosion and sports a beautiful glass-like surface.


Watches “with a fountain”

A Czech saying compares owning a watch with a mini-fountain to living a truly luxurious life. And now you can in fact really own this kind of watch. Well, isn’t it a luxurious way to fulfill one’s dream?

In order to make their watches waterproof up to depths of 50 meters, Apple developed new sealing technologies and stronger glues that prevent any water from entering the system. However, two inlets were still required into the watch: the speaker and the microphone. For these, Apple designers used a clever trick. They developed new technology which uses the speaker’s vibrations to push water out of the unsealed areas.

Luxusní byt na prodej, Praha 7- Bubeneč - 150m
Luxusní byt na prodej, Praha 7- Bubeneč - 150m, Praha 7

Full of functions

One of the new functions offered by the Apple Watch is called “Breathing”; it helps you breathe properly and calm down after any physical activity. The user’s pulse is monitored using a special sensor at the back of the Apple Watch Series 2 and recorded throughout the day; the data are sent to the iPhone, where the associated healthcare app allows you to view all the important statistics. The built-in GPS also allows for new uses of the watch: you can monitor your jogging or biking trails without having to take a phone with you.

The luxurious Apple Watch Series 2 will keep you informed about everything that’s important and allow you to take care of business quickly and comfortably directly from your wrist.

And here’s the last bit of news: Apple started collaborating with Nike and introduced new models of its watches, the Apple Watch Nike + Run Club. These are equipped with a luxurious Nike wristband and a special watchOS system that corresponds to the wristband.


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