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Come and visit a luxurious part of Prague with us, a location which has retained its rural character and noble style of the First Republic. Břevnov is a place which is an absolute pleasure to live in.

Luxurious housing in Břevnov

Eva Ledecká
01.Mar 2017
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Břevnov is one of the oldest parts of Prague and is part of the city district of Prague 6 and partially also Prague 5. First mention of the area dates back to 993 when a small village stood here with several homesteads and a small bell tower on the village green. Břevnov became part of Prague in 1921. 

The green of Břevnov
Hotel Pyramida in the back
Beautiful living in Břevnov

Housing in luxury houses and villas

Luxury housing in Břevnov is represented by flats in preserved or repaired Art Nouveau buildings where their rural character is evident. Housing is mostly represented here by apartment blocks in the style of geometric Art Nouveau.

A villa district dating back to the time of the First Republic spreads out over the western part of Břevnov near Ladronka Park. This area offers wonderful surroundings and beautiful views over Prague from the famous park which offers its visitors many types of activities. The villas in this part of Břevnov are built in terraces or as semi-detached buildings or even three connected houses. You will not find detached houses here, and if you do, they are villas which were built at a later date.

Prodej rodinného domu, Praha 10 Záběhlice
Prodej rodinného domu, Praha 10 Záběhlice, Praha 10

Homesteads along the River Brusnice

Radimova, a street which is lined with homesteads such as Kajetánka, Malá Kajetánka, Schleiferka and Petynka with beautiful gardens, represents the most picturesque part of Břevnov. Walk along the River Brusnice and soak up the luxury atmosphere of times gone by.

Břevnov buildings which are worth a mention

The oldest building in Břevnov is Břevnov Monastery which suffered badly in the 1950s. What is nowadays Patočkova was built at that time, this road representing one of the main access routes into Prague. The outer walls of the monastery had to be demolished due to construction work on the road as did certain buildings in the complex such as the entrance gate, the brewery and the sheep pen. Břevnov Cemetery stands next to the monastery, the last resting place for example of Karel Kryl and Jan Patočka.

Also worth a mention is the Institute of Macromolecular Chemistry of the Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic, the building of which was built in 1960-1964 using a design by Karel Prager. Otto Wichterle used to be the director here and a monument has been erected to him in front of the building.

You can admire five chapels within the territory of Břevnov, these having been part of the pilgrimage trail from the Prague Loreto to the Hájek Monastery which passes through Břevnov. It dates back to 1720 – 1726.

Pyramida Hotel – a building which evokes strong emotions

An interesting building and one which is controversial for many is the famous Orea Pyramida Hotel, originally the Revolutionary Trade Union Movement Recreation Centre, built in 1980-1985. Many regard it to this very day as an architecturally unique building and others as one of the ugliest buildings in Prague. The architectural specifications were: the hotel must not be higher than the surrounding development, but at the same time it must stand out. The husband and wife team of the Cajthamls who won the tender really did handle the specifications in a remarkable manner. The hotel currently offers luxury accommodation and wonderful views of the Břevnov skyline.

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