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Which famous faced displayed their good sense of style, elegance and beauty with stunning gowns, and who failed? Let’s take a look in Counter-current Fashion!

Luxurious gowns and jewels worth millions and the Czech-Slovak ball: Celebrities won’t like this criticism…

26.Feb 2018
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Gabriela K.Lašková - dress by T. Kovaříková

Recently, you could read our report about the noble Vienna Opera Ball. The ladies really took care to look their best in their gown. But Czech women are said to be among the most beautiful in the world, and we had to be there when they donned fancy gowns by famous designers on the occasion of the fifth annual Czech-Slovak ball.

The winning colour of the event was definitely red, chosen for instance by Nikol Moravcová, Gabriela Lašková, Eva Perkausová, Gabriela Koukalová and Inna Puhajková. Some beauties opted for grand gowns, while others were more inclined to simpler cocktail dresses. And while our fashion editor Marcela rated most of them positively, Ornella didn’t leave a single bit unscathed!

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Tereza Janatová
fashion editor
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Ornella Koktová
Móda proti proudu

Názor PROTI PROUDU: Tereza Janatová

Monika Leová and Gabriela Kratochvílová Lašková bet on Tatiana Kovaříková

Our absolute favourite was the luxurious sparkly gown by model and moderator Monika Leová, created by Tatiana Kovaříková, which was perfectly matched with her clutch and jewels. Elegant and chic – glamour that can’t be faulted! Gabriela Lašková also opted for Tatiana Kovaříková, and looked like an antique goddess in her red gown. Given her advanced stage of pregnancy, she chose a more than adequate ball gown. Bravo!

Nikol Švantnerová, Daniela Dejdarová, Natálie Kotková and Celeste Buckingham all chose Poner

Czech Miss 2015 Nikol Švantnerová literally shone at the ball! She wore a luxurious dress by Poner composed of a gold satin skirt and a black top embroidered with beads. The rather abrupt colour partition and the chosen materials somewhat broadened the slim model’s waist, but she looked great and we would rate this modern gown in second place right after Monika Leová!

Daniela Dejdarová stood out like a real lady at the ball in a simple dusty rose gown by Poner. It highlighted her slim silhouette and the silver applique on the shoulders elevated it to the required level.

Poner also designed the gown for blogger and model Natálie Kotková, who opted for a fluffy dress. Although the gown has a high slit and plunging neckline, it does not look vulgar and was among the best at the Czech-Slovak ball.

As for singer Celeste Buckingham, the rule that less is sometimes more could definitely be applied. Celeste opted for a sky blue satin robe by Poner, which in itself is striking enough. Hence, it would do no harm to add fewer accessories next time. However, if her aim was to look like a fairy tale princess, she succeeded.

Prodej luxusního bytu s terasou, Praha 1
Prodej luxusního bytu s terasou, Praha 1, Praha 1

A good bet on red: Eva Perkausová, Gabriela Koukalová and Inna Puhajková

Eva Perkausová was one of many who opted for red. She got her dress from the Adina Praha wedding salon. The unconventional embellishment on the back was a nice touch, which we really like.

Biathlon skier Gabriela Koukalová also chose red and did it well! The embroidered cop and tulle skirt sensually revealed her toned tummy, while keeping it elegant as required at an event of this type.

Moderator and model Inna Puhajková wore a dress by Sandra Mark. The luxurious red satin gown featured a flattering corset, sensual slit and gold belt, which highlighted Inna’s slender waist. The gold accessories are a fantastic choice. Everything here is top notch!

Red wasn’t the only colour at the ball

Sisters Daniela and Veronika Nízlová wore luxury gowns by Tarik Ediz. The bodice is luxuriously elaborated and the orange colour was a fresh breeze in the flood of red.

Singer Monika Bagárová opted for a shiny robe by Michal Kováčik, which was among the simpler pieces, but the colour and flattering cut particularly suited Monika’s exotic brunette looks.

Lucie Gelemová placed her bet on a snowy white gown covered with tiny pearls. Her final look was completed with simple jewels and accessories, which ensured a modest but overall elegant impression.

Who didn’t score very well

Slovak beauty Lucia Hablovičová wore a pale dress by Hellenski with elaborate details, matched with the right jewels and accessories. However, the gown as such did not really flatter her alabaster complexion.

Andrea Kerestešová Růžičková wore a black turtleneck dress by Buri Made. Although the sheer bodice did liven up the gown, the simple elegance of the lower part really dominated it and looks much better.

Barbora Mottlová wore a gown from the Maggie salon for the highlight of the ball season, but it was rather ostentation. Surely they could be put to better use than at the prestigious Czech-Slovak ball.

Moderator Zorka Hejdová chose a golden gown by famous designer Vivienne Westwood, but it is rather questionable to say the least. The dress itself does not offend or delight, but the sleeve is definitely baffling.

We left Nikol Moravcová for the end. This friendly beauty wore a dress by Michaela Ducká. She must have decided to represent the Czech Republic at the ball, because we can find no other explanation for the colours of the flag on the dress.

Tereza Janatová

Názor PROTI PROUDU: Ornella Koktová

Ball season is in full swing, and there seems to be a deluge of balls as such. One of the most acclaimed ones is the Czech-Slovak ball, where the so-called cream of the society often gathers. Seeing as I am suffering from the flu, the only gathering I did was of the blankets…

But don’t worry! I DO still have the energy for Counter-current Fashion!

Gabriela K. Lašková:

It’s almost hard to believe, but Gabina will be giving birth in barely a month! And she still looks like a doll! Of course, this is partly due to the fact that it’s going to be a boy… and they say that boys don’t drain beauty. But nevertheless, I would really like to know how she does it! She looks like a film star of the 1940s, and even managed to choose a dress that can’t be faulted. Bravo!

Dress: 90% Hair and makeup: 98%

Zorka Hejdová:

Zorka must have woken up in the morning in the studio for Breakfast with Nova (TV show) with an orange clutch in her hand and told herself: “I need to wear this to the ball!” Then she called a bellhop to find her a rag to go with it. He then found some long-forgotten dress by Vivienne Westwood and begged to have it loaned for a night. The worst thing of all must be that ruffled sleeve in wild 1980’s mode. Zorka’s makeup is fine, but the rest should be carted off to the circus.

Dress: 15% Hair and makeup: 80%

Monika Leová:

Monika shone at the ball, sort of like a doppelganger of Lady Gaga. Tatiana Kovaříková finally loosened up a bit and created a gown with flair! I like the fact that Monika accessorised the gown with only dainty jewellery that few people probably noticed. The only thing I can criticise is that wannabe purse shaped like a bag for dog poop. I hope never to see anything like it again.

Dress: 85% Hair and makeup: 50%

Nikol Moravcová:

I rather like Nikol as a blogger. I particularly enjoy her sense of interior design and fashion. One could say that she’s always original. Unfortunately, her ball gown concept doesn’t quite match up to her perfect street style. A red ball dress with sheer sleeves simply won’t thrill anybody anymore. On the other hand, I appreciate her attempt to display the colours of both national flags on the train… in any case, next time Nikol should look for inspiration for instance at the Vienna Opera Ball or in the beautiful collections by Balmain.

Dress: 55% Hair and makeup: 100% (which was the best of all)

Nikol Švantnerová:

Nikol is one of the few Miss (pageant winners) to be seen around lately. I have to admit that she was one of the few that had truly perfect makeup and looked genuinely happy (in an unaffected way). Her gown came from the Poner sibling duo. Unfortunately, it is obvious at first glance that this dress was “stitched together with a hot needle”, as we say. The cheap-looking gold satin skirt was obviously sewn to the black corset that very same evening. I’m not even going to mention the style copied from other brands. Unfortunately, not even the borrowed jewellery worth almost a million crowns helped Nikol out… maybe next time, she should reach for a dress like those by Zuhair Murad.

Dress: 10% Hair and makeup: 95%

Eva Perkausová:

Eva opted for a dress from a rental shop and it was obvious at first glance. I don’t think it fitter her well at all. What’s worse, that leafy top made her look like a walking milk nurse. One could also debate the colour of the dress and the fabric (satin). Eva looked like a typical ordinary blonde in the gown, which I think is a shame. The hair and makeup, with the glaring lip contour, was absolutely horrifying!!!! I would sum it up as follows: Eva looks best naked. And next time she needs to find a ball gown, she should ask one of her close friends instead… (wink). For future occasions, I would recommend a dress like those in the SS 2018 Marchesa collection. 

Dress: 5% Hair and makeup: -150%

So what lesson is to be learned from all this? NEVER buy a formal dress that is largely made of satin. It looks cheap and is totally out. It’s obvious that even in 2018, the fish in the pond of Czech show business are still light ages behind. Unless of course they somehow manage to borrow a gown e.g. from Christian Dior or such.

Ornella Koktová
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