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Respect for nature, for the things that are precious to us, a healthier environment leading to happier and healthier people. What more can one wish for? And that is in fact the luxurious wish of environmentally friendly florist shops, promising florists and designers of unique floral creations. Below we provide some of their precious tips.

Luxurious Decorations: The Christmas Magic of Květinové Lahůdkářství

Mgr. Jana Höger
19.Dec 2017
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2 minutes
Magic Christmas with Květinové Lahůdkářství

The idea of Květinové Lahůdkářství about what a Christmas tree should look like is quite minimalistic. It’s not a traditional coniferous tree – instead, they imagine it as a naked broad-leaved tree reminiscent of a painting in the interior, with a few glass and paper decorations and complemented with decent lighting.

Christmas trends and interior preparations

These are things that do not change dramatically over the years; it all depends on how much people want to adhere to traditions and how much of a natural feel they want for their Christmas decorations. For some, Christmas should be in the spirit of glitter and prominent colors, while others prefer restraint and a more classical feel. However, in general we now see a rise of natural tendencies inspired by Scandinavia.

Which materials do you like to use the most for Christmas?

That changes a bit from year to year, but for instance one highly popular evergreen are moss-covered branches which invoke a Nordic and Christmas atmosphere. 

Which color will be the dominant one this Christmas?

That is probably quite individual, based on each person’s preferences. For instance, in our Christmas decorations for Debut Gallery we used dark green and gold.

The perception of a luxuriously decorated tree

We generally view luxury as something extraordinary, something that’s not available to everyone – it doesn’t need to be linked to a high cost, often it’s rather about a great idea, perfect implementation and high-quality materials. Or it could be something with a unique emotional value, such as decorations from your grandparents. Good examples could be a tree decorated with original decorations by Zuzana Holaňová / bisqit or by the guys at Zorya.

Prodej bytu 2+kk (3+kk), Praha 3 Žižkov - 69m2
Prodej bytu 2+kk (3+kk), Praha 3 Žižkov - 69m2, Praha 3

Are flower arrangements for Christmas an exception?

We believe that in the Czech Republic that is indeed the case so far, and when you do see a living plant on Christmas then it tends to be an orchid, hippeastrum or poinsettia. That’s quite a pity though, since flower arrangements made of luxurious snow-white “Paperwhite” daffodils complemented with a few moss-covered branches can be a beautiful decoration for a Christmas table – and the same goes for a large bouquet of winter cresses.

Where does one look for inspiration?

As an environmentally aware flower shop, we find our inspiration mostly in nature – in plants and minerals – but also in the fine arts – paintings of Flemish artists, conceptual arts and minimalism.

Are there any components which you consider to be integral to every Christmas decoration?

To be honest, it is quite rare for us to see Christmas decorations in the Czech Republic which we’d consider original and tasteful. Luckily, it gets a bit better every year. To answer your question, we can’t imagine Christmas without a lot of lights – the more lights there are and the smaller they are, the more magical the whole thing feels. We’d like to see more magical lights in the streets during Christmas!

Are there any novelties which you’d like to call attention to for our decorations at home?

If people want to, they can use absolutely anything for their Christmas decorations. For instance, this year we’ll have a three-meter foliaged bamboo tree instead of a traditional Christmas tree. We’re also considering the idea of merely projecting a Christmas tree on the wall. It’s all about how daring, playful and original you want to be.

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