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There are many places worth visiting in France, and the port of Antibes (Port Vauban) is one of them. Its magical atmosphere will be a memorable part of your luxurious vacation.

Luxury travel: Autumn in South of France - Antibes

Elena Jakubovic
02.Sep 2016
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Port Vauban Antibes

The first thing that will probably catch your attention will be the NOMADE statue (a head made of white letters), a work of the modern Spanish sculptor Jaume Plensa

If you are traveling by boat or have rented a luxurious villa, you should definitely visit the genuine Provençal market located in the old part of Antibes near the port – the “Le Marché Provancal” (Tuesdays – Sundays from 8:00 to 12:00). The market offers flowers to decorate your house or boat, fresh fruits and vegetables (French strawberries have a completely different taste than Czech ones), home-made sausages and cheese from all over France, olives and various types of olive spreads and, most importantly, fresh fish and seafood that you can take with you. You can even have the oysters opened and packed with ice and lemon as a gift. If you are looking for place to eat lunch, the shop also includes a restaurant.

Luxurious French delicacies

If you love scallops, we recommend the La Championner restaurant directly at the market. However, for the best oysters you should visit l’Oursin, which is located 5 minutes from the market. It may not look posh at first glance, but the food there is truly delicious!  

Luxusní byt na pronájem, Praha 1 - 60m
Luxusní byt na pronájem, Praha 1 - 60m, Praha 1

Museums and other places of interest

The Pablo Picasso museum located on the bank of the port of Antibes, only a few steps from “Le Merche”, is definitely worth a visit. A tower of the 14th century castle Grimaldi welcomes passing ships with a French flag. From the castle terrace you can enjoy a beautiful view of the sea, just like Pablo Picasso did during his stay in 1945.

But do not stay in Antibes for too long – the South of France offers more interesting destinations.



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