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The great revelation of this luxury aircraft took place in July 2018 at the aviation fair in Farborough. It is a helicopter, airship and aircraft at the same time!

Luxurious Airborne Castle? Welcome to Hybrid Airship Airlander 10.

Mgr. Jana Höger
19.Oct 2018
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Ailander 10 in the main role

With its luxurious unusual body, Airlander 10 ranks among impressive aircraft. The flying giant surrounded by skies conceals the most luxurious interiors. Try to forget premium apartments, Airlander 10 is practically a floating castle.

Performance of the air machines

Airlander 10 is essentially a hybrid airship, produced by the British company, Hybrid Air. The research started in 2008 within the framework of the program of the American army, Long Endurance Multi-intelligence Vehicle (LEMV). The first test flight only took place 8 years later.

If you are interested in the numbers, Airlander 10 is 92 metres long, 43 meters wide, and 26 metres high; the balloon has a capacity of 38,000 m³. The airship is filled with helium and driven by four eight-cylinder diesel engines. The aircraft reaches maximum speed of 150 km/h and can climb into six-kilometre height. It can carry incredible ten tons of cargo. The airship has a capacity of 48 persons. Its advantage is low fuel consumption, quiet operation and ability to take off and land on virtually any flat surface without the need for infrastructure, such as runways or ports.

Luxusní vila na prodej - Klánovice - 465m
Luxusní vila na prodej - Klánovice - 465m, Praha 9

Cooperation with design studio DesingQ has paid off

The remarkable cab of Airlander 10 opens up new possibilities by approaching air transport from quite a different perspective. The passengers thus have a chance to try out its 10 luxurious private bedrooms from which they can enjoy views of the horizon. Also included is a luxurious Bar Altitude, offering drinks also with perfect panoramic views. Up to 18 guests can together enjoy the most exclusive dining while watching the skies. This design work was created by the Design Q studio headquartered in Great Britain.

Airlander 10 will cost 33 million US dollars.

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