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Do you love the feeling you get when you capture a unique moment? And do you want to use a truly luxurious “machine” for your hobby? We have a tip for you: an exclusive NIKON camera by BRIKK.

The Lux Nikon Kit Camera: photos for 58 000 USD!

Mgr. Jana Höger
21.Mar 2017
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Lux Nikon Kit Camera

Gold Everywhere you Look

The Los Angeles based manufacturer of luxurious lifestyle accessories focuses its activities on exceptional items and emphasizes their charms. You might recall their beautiful cases for iPhone 7 or the Apple Watch 2, or special headphones. Gold holds a dominant position in all of these items. We can even go as far as saying that it’s also a certain company philosophy: modern design in the form of lustrous, golden details. 

Optics under Stingray Leather

The luxurious Lux Nikon camera contains parts made of first-class 24K gold. The width of gold ranges between 4 and 5 microns. The research, development and finalization of this exquisite camera took nearly a year. The body of the camera is covered by luxurious stingray leather with gold accessories. Stingray leather was chosen due to its durability, textured surface and black color which provides stunning contrast with gold. The stunning outside of the camera hides equally exquisite optics; however, the original Nikon label was replaced by a gold desk with the BRIKK logo.

Byt na prodej Staré Město Praha 1- 98m
Byt na prodej Staré Město Praha 1- 98m, Praha 1

Limited Availability

The Lux Nikon set contains all original accessories: rechargeable battery, a quick charger, USB cable, plastic eyepiece, strap, ocular, body cover, software, a Nikkor 14-24 f / 2.8 lens with a front lid and a yearlong warranty by BRIKK. Only a limited number of 77 pieces were made. Everything is packed in an exclusive case reminiscent of a suitcase, and the whole exclusive package will cost you USD 57,995.

So, what do you think? Would this be your dream camera?

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