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From the beginning of 2017 the Luxurious Lucerna Palace Complex has been listed as a national cultural monument. This first arcade building can be attributed to the grandfather of the former Czech President Václav Havel.

The Lucerna Palace: Recession, Art Nouveau and Vlasta Burian

Eva Ledecká
25.Jul 2017
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The unique luxury building that is located in the city centre is used for cultural purposes and is decorated with an eccentric statue with a pinch of humour, an upside- down horse created by David Černý (the work entitled The Horse that represents St. Wenceslas sitting on the belly of his dead horse). The Lucerna Palace is unique and therefore it is worth learning a little about it. 

Mramorový sál paláce Lucerna
Palác Lucerna - střechy

The first Arcade Building in Prague

The Lucerna Palace represents the very first arcade building in Prague, in which luxurious late Art Nouveau and advanced modernism with a natural elegance were combined.

Already in 1905 Vácslav Havel, who was a builder and designer operating in Bohemia at the cusp of the 19th and the 20th Centuries and was also the grandfather of Václav Havel, the former President of the Czech Republic, had the desire to build a modern multipurpose centre right in the heart of the city. In order to be able to finance the construction of Lucerna, he was obliged to sell several of his apartment buildings.

Prodej exkluzivní vily, Praha 4 - Kunratice
Prodej exkluzivní vily, Praha 4 - Kunratice, Praha 4

The Centre of Social Life

The Lucerna Palace was built between the years 1907 and 1921 and it was a unique building at that time, one of the first in Prague that was built of reinforced concrete.

Concerts, balls, conferences and even sports matches took place there and, for example, boxing took place there during the period of the First Republic. The complex comprises the Lucerna Cinema and the Lucerna Bar, the Grand Hall, and on the second floor there is the Marble Hall. The complex also includes shops together with the Kávovarna Café, however the Hvězda passage and the U Nováků House passage do not constitute part of the complex; they were built later and were connected to the first passage in Prague.

Cabaret full of stars

In the middle of the last century in the location in which the Lucerna Bar is currently located, , you could step into a luxurious cabaret environment in which such personalities as Vlasta Burian, Karel Hašler and even Voskovec and Werich performed.

Lucerna can boast about its Grand Hall

The Grand Hall of the Lucerna Palace is the pride of the entire complex and represents the central area of the Palace. With its length of 54 metres, its width of 25.5 metres and height 9 metres at its full capacity it holds 2,500 standing and 1,500 seated visitors.

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