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What is it like to undergo artificial insemination? How can the whole process affect a woman's psyche and a man's ego? How much money does a baby from a test tube cost? What do you have to go through and what to sacrifice?

Love from a test tube. About artificial insemination without censorship

Eva Ledecká
17.Sep 2019
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Have you already made up your mind and now you're ready to have a baby? Your decision, no matter how firm, may not be enough. My path to having a baby proves that the idyllic scenario in your head can collapse like a pile of cards.

My husband and I weren't different from any other couple. We made the decision to become parents. The plan was clear: first a wedding, then offspring. But while there was no problem with the wedding, the baby simply wouldn't come. We kept trying for quite some time, until the seed of suspicion grew too large to ignore, forcing us to visit the center of reproductive medicine.

Identifying the cause of a couple's failure to concieve can be somewhat uncomfortable, especially for the man - not everyone enjoys trying to get excited in a stall, from which they need to return with a sample of semen. However, if the spermiogram finally shows that everything is in order, his ego can instantly shoot high up in the sky, which will have a positive impact not only on your relationship but, above all, on the entire process. Our problem was time, of which, according to the doctor, I didn't have much left. And so we decided to go for it.

At the beginning you'll get a bag full of injections and ampoules.

"This needs to be injected every morning, this in the evening, keep this in the fridge and inject yourself with it on Thursdays..." and so on. Along with the medication, you will get a schedule so as to keep track of exactly when you need to take what, because it's entirely impossible to remember it all! At least twice a month you have to visit the center. It is very time consuming. Another thing you need to be prepared for is the fact that mentally, you won't be at your best.

What is it all good for? The hormones you're injecting into your stomach every day help stimulate your body to reproduce as many eggs as possible. It's not pleasant at all, it hurts, it bothers you. I felt tired, and with each new injection I doubted whether we'd made the right decision.

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The D-Day is finally here: The winner takes it all!

The D-Day is precisely calculated, the hormones your body has been pumped with are throwing a tantrum on you. I was nervous, yet happy that the I was done with the injections. The egg removal takes place under general anesthesia, but you only need to stay in bed for two hours after the procedure before going home. You'll immediately be told how many eggs have been removed and on the same day, you'll learn how many of them have been fertilized. This might not be the final number yet; some might not make it through the next couple of days.

But at this point, the worst is already behind you. The fertilized eggs will be frozen except for the strongest one, the "winner", which will be injected back into your body in a few days. This time without anesthesia, in less than a minute. Then you just have to wait if it takes hold.

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Success is not guaranteed, but you have as many chances as the number of your fertilized eggs waiting for their opportunity "in the freezer". If you weren't successful with any of them, the process would have to be repeated a few months later.

Fortunately, it wasn't necessary in our case. Our daughter, who is nnow looking at me from her crib, was born from the second attempt. It's a miracle. And in the end it doesn't really matter whether she was conceived spontaneously or with the help of modern medicine. Many thanks to the reproduction centers and the whole development in this area. Without them, not just us, but many other couples who have a problem with conception, would probably be deprived of the greatest joy and love in human life.

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In the Czech Republic, artificial insemination costs one third of the usual price abroad

Artificial insemination costs about CZK 45,000 in the Czech Republic. Half of this amount is covered by insurance. However, you need to add the drugs and hormone injections you'll be taking plenty of in the process. Even with that, thought, you can expect not to exceed CZK 30, 000 in total. For comparison - in Germany or Spain, the same procedures would cost you about CZK 150,000. Every next insertion of a frozen egg costs about CZK 9,000 here.

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