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After 10 years of construction, the doors of the unique Louvre Abu Dhabi Museum will open on November 11th. French President Macron was one of the main members of the ceremony, which took place on 8 November.

Louvre Abu Dhabi opens to the public already tomorrow!

Eva Ledecká
10.Nov 2017
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Louvre Abu Dhabi

Opening Evening: Luxury Concert by Matthieu Chedid

The first opening evening can be enjoyed by a glitzy concert of the French eight-time Grammy winner, Matthieu Chedid, who calls himself -M-. A multi-instrumentalist who works with artists from around the world. Thanks to the enormous interest, tickets are sold out for the first day!

The highest degree of cultural cooperation between France and the UAE

This new luxury museum is relegated to the highest degree of cultural cooperation between France and the United Arab Emirates, which represent the dynamic power of the contemporary world. The museum will present its visitors the basic items from the field of archaeology and art as well as different regions and different periods, also including contemporary works.

Selected French museums will during the first ten years lend the museum luxury works for the permanent exhibition. Abu Dhabi is located at the crossroads of east and west, and it played a significant role at the time of the Silk Road, when this region linked Europe and the Indian Ocean, whereby opening trade between Asia and Africa.

The exhibited artworks, sculptures and other objects will enable visitors to discover the interesting influences of cultures and of the historical connections between them, which are found throughout the world. The aim is to prevent the isolation of cultures and to offer people the opportunity to obtain a comprehensive view of the history of art.

Loft na prodej Bubeneč 209m
Loft na prodej Bubeneč 209m, Praha 6

Luxury Architecture

The building’s architect is Jean Nouvel, an internationally acclaimed French architect. Two-thirds of the Museum are luxuriously covered with a dome with a diameter of 180 metres, which bears a symbolic feature of Arabic architecture. When designing the dome the architect was inspired by interlaced palm leaves, which are traditionally used for roofing in various cultures. Openings enable controlling the light and the indoor temperature, while the unique illumination of interiors is reminiscent of rays of light. The water around the island enhances the luxury of the building.

Below the dome there are randomly arranged geometric shapes that are reminiscent of the Arab city. The promenade passes through clusters of low-rise buildings with different façades, which create a variegated experience for visitors. Inside the building there are various galleries and other exhibition spaces that will offer exceptional facilities for artists’ works.

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