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We are getting used to the fact that most world records are linked to the Asian countries and so we present a Chinese architectural gem: the Kunshan Bridge, the longest bridge in the world!

The longest bridge in the world: the Kunshan Bridge in China is nearly 165 km long!

Eva Ledecká
05.Apr 2018
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The longest bridge in the world

The Chinese revolution in bridge building

From the beginning of the 21st century China mobilised its industrial capacities and began massive construction of many public and industrial transport connections, which connect its main centres of industry and public life. Chinese companies have started to build bridges of all shapes and sizes thanks to their incredible abilities. A revolution in bridge building has occurred, which has enabled not only hundreds of deluxe bridges to be built in the mountains, which has afforded access to many regions, but also above “ordinary ground”. The 164.8 kilometre long Kunshan Bridge is an example.

Kunshan Bridge in China
Kunshan Bridge in China
Kunshan Bridge in China

One of the most imposing bridges in the world

The Chinese government decided to create one of the most impressive bridges – a deluxe railway bridge connecting Shanghai and Nanjing. A project, which satisfied not only this megalomaniac plan, but also had to reflect the nature of the environment in which it would be built: in a region above cities, rivers, lakes, canals, rice fields, valleys and hilly terrain, had to be built. The average height of the bridge is 31 metres and it is considered more a viaduct due to its design.

The initial work was commenced in 2006, construction of the bridge lasted only 4 years and it was opened for the first time in June 2011.

Prodej luxusního bytu 2+kk, 98 m2 s terasou
Prodej luxusního bytu 2+kk, 98 m2 s terasou, Praha 4

The longest bridge over a lake

The most interesting part is the part that leads 9 kilometres over the surface of Yangcheng Lake. This section of the deluxe bridge is supported by 2,000 pillars and consists of 450,00 tons of steel structure. It is so robust that it resists typhoons and strong earthquakes.

This is an incredible and unique structure and deserves seeing as much as the Great Wall of China. If possible from a birds-eye-view!

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