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Even though the typical red London double deckers are usually seen as an archetypical metropolitan bus, one innovative British couple decided to have one transformed into a luxurious hotel. This has become a sought-after destination for engaged couples and is an ideal venue for special dinner parties.

Transformation: Double Decker into a Luxurious Hotel

Eva Ledecká
11.Nov 2016
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Interior of the hotel Trafalgar Square

The Moiser’s bought an aging double decker which would otherwise be destined for the scrapyard at the Equestrian Centre in Northumberland for £ 5000. They assigned the renovation to the interior designer Peter Silk, who transformed it into a luxurious Bed & Breakfast.

The bus was named the Trafalgar Square and is now parked in the premises of a countryside hotel, the South Causey Inn, near Beamish, Durham. The bus-hotel includes a private garden.

Luxurious interiors connect modern style with history

The renovation cost £ 100,000; equipment and amenities include a flat-screen TV and hot-water bath tub. While the lower deck is used as a relaxation zone, the upper one has been transformed in a red velvet romantic bedroom with a comfortable double bed. Guests can also make use of unique dressing gowns made of Egyptian cotton.

Aside from the bedroom, you’ll also find that the room includes a dining room which will treat you with a few luxurious snacks and a Prosecco upon arrival. As in all hotels, you can of course have various services delivered directly to your room, for instance breakfast, traditional English afternoon tea or a bottle of Champagne.

Byt Praha 8 prodej
Byt Praha 8 prodej, Praha 8

The perfection of the bus interior is complemented by original elements specifically left here by the designer. These include seats, metal signs, original windows and the old steering wheel. However, you won’t use the traditional bus doors to enter; instead, new black doors have been installed, similar to those on Downing Street 10.

A night in the Trafalgar Square costs £ 220, with an extra surcharge for weekends.

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